Bronnie Releases Spotify-Only Single “Get A Grip” Ahead Of The Release Of Her “Get A Grip – EP”

As a gift to her fans, Bronnie dropped a Spotify-Only single, titled “Get A Grip”. This song is the title track from her upcoming EP, which will be released on 27 March 2018. The EP will contain four tracks, including previous single release “Danced With The Devil“.

This marks Bronnie’s second Spotify-only release after she dropped a pop-goes-punk cover version of Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex“. She revealed, in an exclusive interview with us about her previous Spotify-only release, that the idea behind only releasing on Spotify is for her fans; she said: “My fans rock, so instead of making them pay for another song, I’m letting them have it for free!”

Her brand new EP follows up her 2017 debut EP “Social Rejex” and will also contain four tracks. The EP managed to sky-rocket up the pre-order charts on iTunes and even hit number one. The tracks that will be on the “Get A Grip” EP are this title track, “Get A Grip”, previous single release “Danced With The Devil“, as well as the fan-favourite live track “So What” and, lastly, “Runaway”.

Listen To Bronnie’s Spotify-Only Single “Get A Grip” Here:

Starting hard from the get-go, the opening of “Get A Grip” feels like she’s bringing back the punk-rock sound we adored in “High School Sucks“. The overall sound reminds us of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”, which was covered by Avril Lavigne in 2012.

Bronnie’s vocals shine throughout, as per usual. She’s passionate about this song and each lyric comes across meaningful. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t wait to hear live because we all know how Bronnie can rock out on stage; and, with a track like this, she’s going to bring it like no one else can.

“Get A Grip” is a Spotify-only release, so you can only stream it on that platform, for now. It is the title track from her upcoming second EP, also titled “Get A Grip”, which will be released on all platforms on 23 March 2018.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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