Brooke Candy Returns With ‘War’

Brooke Candy returns with 'War'

Brooke Candy has returned to music scene with her latest single, ‘War’ via her new label, WonderSound Records.

If you have followed Brooke Candy since her ‘Opulence’ days, you may have wondered why a debut album still isn’t on the horizon? After signing with RCA Records in 2014, The Freaky Princess seemed to have a promising career in the music industry with the release of her debut EP, ‘Opulence’. However, once it was time for Candy to release more music under RCA, we saw her musical direction drain with the release of radio-friendly songs like, ‘Living Out Loud’ and ‘Nasty’. They weren’t awful, they just weren’t the Brooke Candy we knew and had fallen in love with.

Losing her musical touch, Brooke Candy left RCA Records and released her first single since the departure, ‘Volcano’. This is when we knew The Freaky Princess was in full control of her creativity and musical direction again. ‘Volcano’ was co-written by Candy herself, producer Cory Enemy, Sia and Jesse Saint John.

Approaching a year later and Brooke Candy has returned with ‘War’. This is a completely new sound for Candy with its defiant lyrics and vicious guitar shreds, she’s after blood on this latest track. Candy erupts with the lyrics, ‘The government lied, the media lied, your mama lied, your grade school lied’ before sneering that they are, ‘Fuckin liars, fuckin liars, fuckin liars!’.

‘War’ gives off an impression that it is an empowering song for anyone who has been pushed about or toyed with like Brooke Candy (and many other artists) have been with their former record labels. We’re just glad to see The Freaky Princess back to her roots with derogatory lyrics and explicit looks.

If you’re loving ‘War’, you might want to catch Brooke Candy on her ‘Tie Me Up’ UK tour, the dates for the tour are below:


Brooke Candy’s latest single, ‘War’ is available now


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