Bryan Adams Raises £10,000 for Fan Suffering From Rare Form of Cancer

Singer Bryan Adams has helped to raise £10,000 for a teenage fan who is suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Back in October of last year, 16 year old Kelly Turner was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare desmoplastic small round cell tumour.

The doctors at the time said she had just two years to live.

Since then, she has been trying to raise £1 million to get life saving surgery at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre which is based in New York.

Bryan Adams Raises £10,000 Fan Suffering From Rare Form of Cancer 2

Bryan Adams was playing a concert at the Spitfire Ground in Canterbury, Kent last Saturday night and took the time to raise money for his fan.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

A bucket was passed through the crowd which had Kelly’s name on the side.

Soon, the bucket was full of notes, coins and lots of spare change all amounting to round about £10,000.

Credit: Bryan Adams’ Official Facebook

Bryan Adams headed over to his social media to thank his fans for being so charitable and raising such a huge amount of money.

Speaking on his Facebook, he said: “People power! Last night we did something different at the Canterbury concert.”

“We passed a bin around between the audience and the band, and spontaneously raised around £10,000 pounds for 16 year old Kelly Turner who is suffering from a rare form of cancer.”

“The bin came back twice! I’m so proud of the audience tonight. Special thanks to the security at the gig who volunteered to go into the crowd and follow the collection.”

He then left a link to Kelly’s justgiving page which you can see and donate to here.

Adams also dedicated a song to Kelly who was at the concert.

Kelly said afterwards: “I’m amazed by the kindness and donations we received today at the Bryan Adams’ concert.

“We know that £5,000 plus was raised. My heart is warm with love. Thank you Bryan Adams.”

This is just so unbelievably sweet of Bryan Adams to do.

Bryan Adams Raises £10,000 Fan Suffering From Rare Form of Cancer 1

It just shows that the kindness of strangers can be so comforting in the darkest of times.

We hope Kelly hits her target soon and gets the life saving surgery as soon as possible.

We wish her and her family all the best.

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