Promotional photo for "Blood" which sees bryden, who has just-under shoulder-length dark brown hair, sitting on a chair with his guitar across his lap with his hands on it as if he's playing it. His head is turned to the left and he's slightly smiling. He's wearing a sea-green shirt over a grey t-shirt and some black cargo trousers.

bryden fuses indie-rock with pop and R&B for his debut single and music video titled “Blood”

Not holding back, bryden releases his debut single and music video, “Blood”, which incorporates indie-rock with pop and R&B to bring an awesome start to his music career. The track is the first single release from his upcoming debut EP, titled “The Rites”.

bryden is a North-West London singer-songwriter and actor who has been performing for the last few years, gaining nobility and defining his sound. He studied at the University of Cambridge in English and Creative Writing and went on to perform at sell-out student venues and as the entertainment for pre-match football games in London pubs. He has delved into the acting world by performing as part of the Shakespeare Tour in the US and performing as part of the Cambridge Footlights pantomime, on top of that he has also performed in a well-reviewed London fringe play and at a Lotus car launch. His influences include the likes of Frank Ocean, The Smiths, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. 2023 is set to be a big year for him as he drops his debut single “Blood” and plans to follow that up with a three-track debut EP, titled “The Rites”.

Produced by Oscar Moos with drums by Josh Darby, “Blood” is an addictive alternative-rock song that infuses a variety of genres including indie, pop, and R&B, easily showcasing bryden’s versatility as an artist, in this one song, alone. His ability to transform music with his voice and bring depth and integrity goes to show that he is definitely on the rise and someone to keep our eyes and ears on.

Watch the music video to “Blood” by bryden here:

Lyrics crafted to perfection, bryden brings his knowledge and his degree to the table when it comes to this track, bringing a sexy intellect that mixes amazingly with his gorgeous voice. Substance is added by bryden with his beautiful falsetto which he hits throughout the song. Sure to make hearts melt, “Blood” is an addictive track that you can’t get enough of.

The official music video has been directed and edited by Camille Alyssa, with lighting by Constantin Widauer, which showcases bryden’s attentive stage presence during the performance segments that are shown throughout, his energy is electric and is sure to pour out over every audience he performs at. The other scenes have a variety of conceptual art, such as bryden eating cereal and soup, which is bright red, and he is also seen wiping it on his face and tasting it, suggesting the feeling of needing someone and he even cries red. The lighting changes filters to red and then back to normal giving a more eerie effect to normal everyday things and chores.

Stream his debut single on Spotify here:

“Blood”, the debut single from bryden, is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms. His debut EP, “The Rites”, is set to be released later on in the year.

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