BTS and ARMY conclude the ARMYPEDIA event in Seoul

After a month long global scavenger hunt, March 23 saw global icon BTS and their fans ARMY conclude the ARMYPEDIA event.

The group once again held a ginormous offline ARMYPEDIA event ‘ARMY UNITED in SEOUL’ that unsurprisingly sold out in minutes. A crowd of 10,000 ARMY gathered at the Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul to celebrate their memories of BTS with the event being live streamed around the world, garnering more than 130,000 viewers globally through BTS’ official YouTube channel BANGTANTV.  

The event debuted the ‘BTS Talk Show’, where BTS watched clips of moments that brought them to where they are now, from debut showcase to UN speech and others. They also showcased recorded live segments of their debut single ‘No More Dream’, along with ‘Just One Day’, and ‘Like’.

“We planned to live stream the event globally to create a gathering to share and enjoy memories of BTS with fans all around the world alongside with the fans onsite.” Their company BigHit Entertainment explained, “The global campaign ARMYPEDIA provides a meaningful and unique experience where the 540,000 global fans can come together to embrace the message BTS delivers to those living in the same generation.”

The event comes to an end just weeks away from the release of the groups latest project MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA, which is set to drop on April 12, 2019.

To catch up with the final ARMYPEDIA event you can watch the recap below and for all the updates on BTS check out the CelebMix twitter.

Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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