BTS Fans Tell CelebMix Why They Love J-Hope in Celebration of His 24th Birthday

By experimenting with different sounds and even different languages, it’s no wonder that K-Pop group BTS draws in an audience from around the world. Their fandom, called the ARMY, has helped the septet become especially popular in the United States, bringing the group to the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and more.

Today, BTS fans from around the globe are celebrating member J-Hope’s (Jung Hoseok) 24th birthday. J-Hope, who received his stage name for being the group and ARMY’s “ray of sunshine,” is known for being the BTS’ main dancer, as well as one of the group’s three rappers.

Although he debuted with BTS in 2013, J-Hope has been dancing long before he joined the group, having participated in various dancing competitions in South Korea that launched his reputation in the music industry. Fast forward to 2018 and now J-Hope helps choreograph BTS’ music and even helps the other members learn the dances.

J-Hope is very special to ARMY and to celebrate his birthday, CelebMix asked fans to tell us why they love him. Here are their responses:

Sierra | 20 | USA @yoonkookrdemons I love J-Hope because of his personality and how he is always working hard to make his dreams a reality. He always makes me laugh since he is always doing something random. He is my hope and my sunshine.”

Nana | 27 | Las Vegas, NV, USA @Ttokikookie “J-Hope, he is our eternal sunshine! His smile can melt any frozen heart! The amount of energy and happiness he gives to us fans and to the fellow members of BTS is always wonderful. He is so passionate and so caring it’s impossible not to fall in love with him, but finally, not only is he beautiful physically, but his heart as well. J-Hope deserves all the love in the world for being so amazing.”

Cyndi | 44 | South Carolina, USA @_Yoon2Seokd “I love J-Hope because he is funny, caring, and so very talented. I LOVE to watch him dance and rap. He constantly inspires me to be a better person and to be more open to different cultures. He is one of my favorite people on the planet. I wish him the happiest of birthdays. He deserves the world. ?

Gabrielle | 18 | Philippines @agustdusk “Jung Hoseok is one of the brightest people you can ever encounter. He loves bringing happiness to people and is the most passionate & talented man. He has a unique sense of fashion that he tends to pull off every time and has the greatest love for dance, never ceasing to disappoint with every performance. Hoseok is good at what he does– may it be dance, rap or simply just being a constant smile on people’s faces (mine included). Jung Hoseok is the closest you can get to the sun. I genuinely hope he’s the happiest on his birthday, I love him so much!”

Manny | 20 | Australia @btscyphrs “To me, Hoseok is a person who reminds me that there are good things in this world too. His energy and aura can only be described as warm and uplifting and just seeing him smile can brighten my day. He’s such a hardworking, dedicated and selfless individual and it motivates me to be a better person. Happy Birthday Hoseok, we all love you!”

Jackie | 30 | Indiana, USA @DeathByKpop “Even though I am an older fan, even older then J-Hope himself, I think we as fans can learn a lot from him. Even when he’s down and he’s tired or upset, he always manages to stay positive and work hard. Hobi is special because he’s shown us what dedication and hard work can bring you. He’s earned all of the good things coming his way, and I hope he has an amazing birthday.”

Merielle | 14 | Philippines @jimintsb “I love J-Hope because of his cuteness and talent also he’s so humble and kind. He’s our little sunshine and he always try his best to make people around him happy and without him BTS wouldn’t be BTS right now. A very very happy birthday to you our Hobi, please continue doing what you love and always remember that we the ARMYs will stay by your side forever.”

Angelis | 16 | North Carolina, USA @Iovedaegus “I absolutely adore Hoseok (J-Hope) and the talent and love he has within him. he’s incredible in every aspect of the word and the fact that i could be here appreciating him and adoring is absolutely mind-blowing!! ? Celebrating his birthday and giving all my love + support to him is the greatest privilege :D He’s for today and for the rest of his career! I’m here for whatever his heart desires.”

Shannon | 17 | California, USA @seokdivine “I love him because of his passion and eloquence. On stage he shows and gives his all into his performances and off stage he is humble and has an energetic, enthusiastic persona. He’s kind and humble with his status and doesn’t brag about it and acknowledges what he has and what he’s thankful for. He knows his roots in Korea and his small hometown. I love him overall for his genuine personality and his passion that he exudes in his music and dancing.”

Cassy | 15 | Philippines @audacitae “Happiest birthday to our Sunshine!! We are so thankful for his whole existence! He never fails to make us smile and he never fails to make us happy even tho our days are dark! He always manages so fill our darkness with lightness!! I love him so much! I hope his birthday treats him with all the love in this world because he deserves it!!”

Deanne Dela Cruz | 16 | Philippines @jeonlovr “The so called sunshine member of the group. This statement means so, so much to me. You’re definitely a ball of sunshine – yes, sure, you’re loud, you’re very energetic, you’re funny and you give life to dead moments! But to me, you’re the sunshine because you give sunlight to my rainy days. And I’ve always hated the sun – because it’s too bright, and too hot for me. But if you were the big, round ball, made up 70% hydrogen, 28% carbon, nitrogen and oxygen make up 1.5% and the other 0.5% is made up of small amounts of many other elements such as neon, iron, silicon, magnesium and sulfur, then I wouldn’t mind burning if it’s with you. Happy happy birthday, my one true love!”

Gvantsa | 16 | Georgia @Cypherttaes “J-Hope has such a bright personality that looking at him makes me so happy and motivated! He’s so funny, talented and kind. He’s truly army’s hope and Angel.”

Nadine | 16 | Philippines @iseeyoongi “Happiest birthday to our hope and our angel, Hoseok! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us. I want to let you know that we really appreciate and love you. In case you didn’t know, Hobi you have saved a lot of lives by just simply existing. You’re our ball of hope and sunshine so keep on shining. ARMY will always be at your side to love, support and protect you and the members. Stay happy and healthy and please take care of yourself, we love you. ?

Happy Birthday J-Hope, from BTS ARMY. x?

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