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BTS Helps to Expand BT21 Universe with LINE FRIENDS

Nearly two tears ago, BTS was brainstorming ideas for unique characters that would soon develop into a line of plushies, wardrobe, school supplies, and more to be available for their millions of fans around the world through LINE FRIENDS. Today, BTS’ characters – Koya, RJ, Shookie, Mang, Chimmy, Tata, Cooky, and Van, are collectively known as BT21, and their faces are instantly recognizable to ARMY, BTS’ fanbase.

While fans have only received short descriptions of each of the characters’ personalities, LINE FRIENDS, along with BTS, is now working to expand their characters’ backstories to further develop a BT21 Universe.

On April 4, LINE FRIENDS released a video of the beginning of that process, centered around the theme of “THE PAST,” asking the BTS members to think up close friends or family members of their beloved creations, or who they like to call, their “children.”

BTS members RM, Suga, and Jin were quick to think of interesting backstories to their characters, with Jin giving RJ parents with some witty names. RM also gave Koya a friend who is a talking leaf, while Suga explained where Shooky was before he met his friend, Tata.

Like all videos featuring BTS, the video quickly went viral, accumulating 1 million views in less than a day and becoming the #3 most-watched video on YouTube.

The video is the first in a nine-episode series. LINE FRIENDS will continue to unveil a new video every week until May that will give more info on the past, future, and behind stories of the BT21 characters. Next week will have V, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope introducing the past stories of Tata, Cooky, Chimmy, and Mang.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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