BTS invited to speak at the United Nations Headquarters

Global superstars and humanitarian ambassadors, BTS, have been invited to speak to world leaders at the United Nations Head Office for the launch of an empowering youth campaign organised by UNICEF, the United Nations’ wing that focuses on children’s rights and human dignity.

The global sensation has been involved in multiple initiatives that have successfully empowered, inspired and uplifted young people around the world. The messages in their songs alone, inform and encourage young people to stay true to who they are, think critically about society, and most importantly, to love themselves no matter what.

BTS has had an ongoing campaign with UNICEF for the past year, known as the #LoveMyself #EndViolence campaign which seeks to raise awareness about human rights violations that have been affecting children, and to encourage people to donate to a cause that seeks to assist all children in upholding their human rights and human dignity.

The global sensation has taken 5% of their sales made from their Love Yourself series and donated it towards the #LoveMyself campaign. In fact, with the donations BTS, and their CEO, Bang Si-hyuk, have contributed, and also the money ARMYs have raised, BTS’ #LoveMyself campaign has successfully raised over $1 million for UNICEF.

Thus, it is no surprise that BTS’ influence and humanitarian deeds, through their campaigns, their music and their golden hearts, have resulted in them being invited to the United Nations General Assembly. This invitation, one which is rarely offered to entertainers and celebrities, is an important one because it emphasises the fact that BTS has made such a positive impact in so many lives and is ultimately creating a united movement for change, healing and assistance around the world.

We look forward to seeing what BTS will do in the future, and we wish them all the best as they represent the power of self love and acceptance on global stages, both musical and humanitarian, and we will continue to support and love them for all the exceptional, inspiring work that they do!

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Written by Luke Waltham

Luke Waltham is a writer, activist and fanboy. He is a former writer for Huffington Post and currently writes for CelebMix and The Mighty. He is the Chairperson of the United Nations Association of South Africa at SU. Luke is a proud fanboy.