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BTS Partners With UNICEF For ‘Love Myself’ Anti-Violence Campaign

BTS, along with its agency Big Hit Entertainment, is collaborating with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for an anti-violence campaign titled Love Myself, which is named after the group’s most recent album, Love Yourself: Her.

BTS’ partnership with UNICEF begins today, November 1st, and will run for the next two years. The campaign’s goal is working towards “pursuing love and a better place to live for all,” according to the project’s official website. Along with the Love Myself project, BTS will also be sponsoring UNICEF’s global #Endviolence campaign, which aims to make the world a safer place for children and teens so they can live happy and healthy lives without the fear of violence.

Photo Credits: The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

The Love Myself fund is being raised with four types of donations. One will be a pledge of 500 million KRW from Big Hit Entertainment and the seven members of BTS. Another will take 3% of income from physical copies of the group’s Love Yourself series, as well as 100% of the income from the sales of official goods from the Love Myself campaign. Any donations collected at UNICEF’s official donations desks will also go towards the campaign.

The Love Myself #Endviolence project reflects the themes in the group’s songs, with lyrics addressing social issues regarding youth. While the group loves to tackle these subjects through their lyrics, they decided it was time to spread the message beyond music.

At a press conference for UNICEF, the group discussed the importance of using their platform in order to spread a positive influence on the younger generation to actively participate in making the world a better place.

Watch BTS’ ‘Love Myself’ campaign video below

Although the campaign has been in the works for the past six months, it has only recently been teased two weeks ago, with mysterious Love Myself blimps appearing across various South Korean cities, such as Gwacheon and Busan. BTS then hinted at the project again yesterday with the members posting selfies on Twitter using the hashtag #BTSLoveMyself.

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