BTS release highlight reel for “Love Yourself”

BTS has finally released the first clip for their new project “Love Yourself”. Earlier, we reported that on 10th August, Big Hit Entertainment revealed the first teaser for group’s comeback project. Next day, they went on to release the remaining posters.

Today, Big Hit has revealed the highlight reel for the project. How helpful is it? Not very, as it still does not help us unravel the mystery behind the title and narrative.

But that’s group’s speciality, isn’t it?

Jin and Cliffhanger – Old Trope

The clip starts with Jin and a narrative voice that gives the listener a cliffhanger. The narrator says that he has arrived at the moment he has been waiting for, all the journeys that he has undertaken has finally made him arrive at “this [final] moment”.

But the clip’s beginning is probably the video’s (or project’s) end as chronologically, Jin’s moment comes on 11th July, the last of all dates showcased in the video.

New Characters Join In

The reel shows the boys’ encounter with their female counterparts. As the captions on the posters said, this time the boys will not be just exploring their relationship with each other but also with other people close to them.

Objects and Symbolism

However, the pairing is still present. As Yoongi’s girl writes ‘Y.K.’ on a lighter, she gives out the same lollipop Rap Monster is seen holding in his clip. By the way, does Y.K. refer to Yoongi and Kookie?

The only different thing in the video is Jhope’s memory, as he is seen reminiscing about his mother leaving him at carousel. His clip is second in chronological order.

It remains to be seen what these clips hold for us. All the members look stunning in the video and so do the female protagonists.

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