BTS reveal other members’ posters for their “Love Yourself” project

Earlier, we reported that K-Pop band BTS took to Twitter to tease their new comeback project.

The first teaser for the project “Love Yourself” was released on 10th August via a poster which showed Jungkook in a wheelchair. The teaser left fans curious and bewildered at the same time.

In a press release, Big Hit Entertainment explained,

“The poster is really a teaser for the concept of the ‘Love Yourself’ series which is filled with clues as to what is to come next. BTS is always wanting to keep their fans guessing and excited as the concept is rolled out.”

As days passed, Big Hit unraveled the mystery one by one. First, it revealed individual posters and then started posting group visuals for pairs.

Similar to “Wings” where members were grouped together, this time too, the narrative seems to unfold in pairs but the only difference is that the partners are not the same as they were in the previous concepts.

Jin yet again, has been left alone. Check out the posters below:



Rap Monster




As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The posters seem to depict the dichotomous narrative of the members.

While Suga sits on a bench in deep thought, Jungkook can be seen happy on a hospital bed. That is, while one member is sad or in contemplation, the other half seems happy and unconcerned.

What does “Love Yourself” mean and how similar or different will it be from “Wings” or “You Will Never Walk Alone”?

The group and management have yet again left their fans in mystery. A lot of theories have emerged but it remains to be seen which one comes close to the real concept.

2017 has been quite successful for the band. The fans too have got their share of a treat.

This year, BTS added one more interpretation to its acronym via a new logo. Now, BTS also stands for “Beyond The Scenes”. The new logo is a tribute to the ARMY whose dedication has taken the band to unprecedented heights.

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