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BTS Drops Second Batch of Concept Photos for ‘Love Yourself: Answer’

A week before the group is expected to make their comeback, BTS has given fans a sneak peak of their upcoming album Love Yourself: Answer with the second batch of concept photos. These sets of photos come from the “L” and “F” versions of their album.

Unlike the group’s “S” and “E” sets of concept photos, which released earlier this week, the “L” and “F” versions show the guys in more casual settings. The “L” version has the guys in different sets of clothing, ranging from uniforms to casual wear. What’s interesting about these pictures is that they all follow the theme of a collage. BTS’ group photo, as well as their individual portraits, appear to be ripped, showing different sides of each member.

The “F” version also has the guys in comfortable clothes, as they pose while playing on a jungle gym. While the guys are in a playful setting full of different colors, most of them appear to have serious expressions.

While the themes of BTS’ concept photos are never obvious, we’re sure that the group’s fanbase, the ARMY, will be able to decipher its meaning.

Earlier this week, when the group released the “S” and “E” sets of concept photos, BTS’ fans came up with some interesting ideas about the photos, believing that they reference themes of surveillance, fame and societal pressures.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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