BTS stun audience with astounding performance at their Comeback Show

It would be deemed a cliché if we go on to say that BTS is taking the world by storm. The boys have been making history since their debut, in one way or another. Their popularity in the mainstream media and music industry proves how far they have come as artists since their first win.

Recently, the group won the award as the “Top Social Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards and they become the first Korean act to perform at the event with “Fake Love”. Not only did ARMYs helped boys achieve the feat for the second time but they also made sure that group’s new project gets all the attention, from both new and old admirers. 

On 24th May, fans and BTS gathered together to celebrate music as BTS made a comeback on Mnet. Earlier, we reported that the group will be performing five songs for their comeback show, including “Fake Love”. It was also hinted that the fans would get a major clue about the concept behind the single during the performance. Needless to say, the boys put forth a really good show for their audience.

Airplane Pt. 2

Originally a part of J-Hope’s mixtape, Airplane was re-released with a group’s version in the new album. While the theme of both the parts is same (an aspiration to achieve dreams), they differ in terms of the genre. Unlike the original single, “Airplane Pt. 2” gives listeners a chance to listen to boys as they explore Latin Pop. It is for the first time that BTS is delving in genres beyond RnB and Hip Hop.

The sultriness of vocal line combines with the fierceness of rap line in the song and create a dreamlike scape.

Taking up the theme of “performance within a performance”, the boys role played as artists during their stage show. Be it the vocals or the choreography, everything was on point but the choreography in particular stole the show.

Fake Love

Using the same stage setting as shown in the music video, the septet performed their hit single “Fake Love” at the comeback show. As compared to the BBMAs, the camera angles used at Mnet were much better as they solely focused on boys.

As the performance ended, a new narrative was put forth.

In the music video of the single, we encountered Jungkook with a masked man. Also, in the comeback trailer, V was seen wearing a mask which would have made people connect V with the masked man in “Fake Love”.

But when the performance was nearing its culmination, each member was seen adorning a robe and a mask. As Jungkook put on the mask, it became clear that Jungkook personifies “fear” and in exchange of himself, he was rewarded with the “momentary” happiness of his friends.

But what do other members signify? The narrative is yet again left open-ended for the viewers to interpret and connect the dots.


The song gives “Go Go” vibes and the same became evident during the performance.

With vibrant outfits and casual temperament, BTS goofed around in a bid to become this generation’s “new superheroes”.


The song like “Go Go” is a fun track only at the surface level. Anpanman is a cartoon character who would allow people to eat a part of himself in order to make them happy. The song focuses on “heroes” who despite being “ordinary” do everything in their power to make their loved ones happy. The deep seated meaning has both negative and positive connotations. So, while it might seem that the track does not gel well with the concept, it will take one reading of the lyrics to realise how well placed the track is, in the album.

Best of Me

Until now, fans had been watching the performance of “Best of Me” via clips released by attendees of BTS’ concerts. It was for the first time in Mnet that everyone got to see the live performance of the group for the single. The synchronization for which BTS is quite popular was most evident in this performance.


When we thought that the group might not be performing its old singles anymore, they surprised us with “Fire”. Not a single fan of BTS will ever forget group’s jaw-dropping performance at MAMA and the memories came back when they performed it again with the same zeal during the comeback show.

In short, BTS left their audiences mesmerized and in awe. It was a well executed show and we wait to see more such performances during the World Tour. All in all, the comeback show was a success. What do you think? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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