BTS and UNICEF expand ‘Love Myself’ campaign globally

Just over a year after the original launch of the campaign in South Korea, the BTS and UNICEF ‘Love Myself’ campaign has expanded to the United States and United Kingdom.

The initial launch in South Korea on November 1st 2017 joined the UNICEF ‘#EndViolence’ campaign, which helps to give support to children and young people who are the victims of violence. The ‘Love Myself’ campaign set out with the goal of  ‘Love myself, then make the world a better place for all with that love’, which has since began to globally expand.

On September 24th, 2018, BigHit and BTS signed an official partnership with UNICEF USA and only one week later on October 6th signed the deal with UNICEF UK, becoming their fourth partner, following South Korea and Japan.

UNICEF UK Mike Penrose stated, “We are so proud to have become of partner of the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign. We are also very grateful for BTS’ commitment to help protect the world’s most vulnerable children and help them dream of a brighter future.”

Both UNICEF USA and UK offer mobile and online donations through their respective sub websites, where fans can select an amount and decide whether to have a one off or monthly donation, which all contribute to the aid of young people and children with the support needed to ensure they can move past their hardships and strive to reach the goals that they are capable of.

After signing the agreement with UNICEF UK, member Jungkook said:

“We’re really glad and grateful to see the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign grow globally and especially how are fans have shown so much love and support. We hope that by continuing to spread the message of the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign in the UK, we’ll be able to help heal the pain of children and young people exposed to violence and help them recover love and confidence in themselves.”

BTS have continuously spread important messages that they believe in and the Love Myself campaign has only heightened this, with the campaign raising over $1.4 million in its first year, and so much more money to be raised for such a worthy cause as a result of this global expansion.

For more information about the ‘Love Myself’ campaign or to make a donation, you can visit the official website.

Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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