Business Luminary LeRoy Watkins Talks About Being an Impactful Leader

One of the badges of greatness that the world’s most remarkable leaders have displayed is the ability to put others’ needs before their own. True enough, genuine leadership is not just about standing at the forefront of a particular venture but also about serving as a source of inspiration and motivation for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Such is the case with esteemed visionary LeRoy Watkins, an entrepreneurial icon who has been facilitating success for aspirants and dreamers from all walks of life. 

At the heart of LeRoy’s purpose-driven efforts is the belief that one can achieve success through fun and enjoyable means. As one of the foremost advocates of work-life balance, he wants to send the message that the process of pursuing a goal or going after a dream does not have to be a toilsome and draining journey. For this reason, the visionary leader has been going the extra mile to promote a mindset that encourages people to embody a positive outlook when building their careers or carving their desired future. 

Widely acknowledged as the CEO and Co-Owner of Viking Sports, LeRoy has witnessed the company reach impressive heights over the years. Since its inception, Viking Sports has worked with several public municipalities that provide recreational services as a community partner. Leroy’s accomplishments in the business realm have gained the attention of both national and local media outlets like BusinessWeek, Boston Business Journal, and New England’s Chronicle. This exposure has allowed him to inspire other go-getters who want to dominate their respective fields of endeavor. 

Proving to be an outstanding leader, LeRoy makes it a point to personally train and develop his staff at Viking Sports. In addition to the satisfaction he gets from being hands-on with the coaching and training program, he genuinely enjoys connecting with his people and getting to know them better. 

More than his entrepreneurial flair and business acumen, LeRoy is acclaimed for his passion for serving others and creating genuine connections. “I enjoy the challenge of growing a company, developing highly capable teams, and successfully guiding the company through the trials and tribulations called business,” he shared. According to him, there is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than being able to inspire and empower like-minded individuals. 

Much of LeRoy’s success can be attributed to his advocacy for leaving a long-lasting impact on the lives of those he crosses paths with and sharing his wisdom with others. True enough, he has been creating significant waves by organizing large-scale events and giving business advice to those who wish to reach the pinnacles of their careers. Armed with over 15 years of battle-tested experience in the entrepreneurial realm, this multi-faceted leader enjoys imparting his expertise through speaking engagements and his blog

In the coming years, LeRoy envisions himself continuing his deep-rooted mission of touching millions of lives with his entrepreneurial flair and philanthropic efforts. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, he wants to keep building communities as he paves the way for aspirants and dreamers who want to get ahead and make things happen. Armed with his unwavering commitment and dedication, he believes that Viking Sports will keep standing as a trailblazing entity that serves and inspires. 


Written by TedFuel