Busted drop their Nineties music video!

Put on your old school uniform and dig out your cassette player – Busted have taken us back to the nineties with their latest music video. The track was released on 2nd of November, and today Busted dropped one of the greatest music videos of all time.

The video is a nod to all of the very best bits of pop culture from the 1990’s, so we’ve decided to debunk every reference for anyone who needs either a reminder of every part or who just needs a little bit of a 101 to get up to speed


1) When Busted rock the school uniform.

This isn’t just a tribute (although they are replicating the uniform worn in their What I Go To School For music video) this is in fact what Busted were doing back in the ninety’s – rocking out at school!


2)  Dressed in white, whilst sitting on a stool for their Pop of the Tops performance.

Pop of the Tops is a play on words for the hugely popular TV music chart show ‘Top of the Pops’ – many a 90’s boyband performed on the show in all white upon stools! From Boyzone to Backstreet Boys they all did this!


3) Rock n Grohl. 

Busted refer to the band Nirvana in the lyrics of the song, and Nirvana was one of the greatest bands from the 90’s. Global rock legend Dave Grohl started his career in the band!


4) Fight Time

Matt Willis and James Bourne aren’t thrashing out creative differences, they’re paying homage to Saturday night TV show Gladiators. The ITV game show used to get viewing figures of 14 million per episode!


5) That kiss.

James and Charlie may be happy to have Busted back, but they’re not quite make-out happy. They’re recreating the hugely popular ninety’s dating show Blind Date which was hosted by the late Cilla Black. Before Take Me Out the show was hailed the best TV dating show. Although, how great do Charlie’s legs look!


You can watch the full music video for Nineties below.

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.