Busted are Half Way There.

It’s been 4 years since our favourite pop-rockers Busted reformed, releasing their 3rd studio album ‘Night Driver’, and now after what feels like a life time of anticipation they’ve released their 4th studio album ‘Half Way There’.

The album Half Way There is set to be a smash hit for James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis, as at early hours it had already topped the I-Tunes album chart. The boys have been campaigning hard to knock off ‘The Greatest Showman’s’ soundtrack that’s spent 22 weeks at the top of the UK Album Charts.

The album has been created with some of the bands closest friends and family, songwriter Chris Bourne is amongst the songwriting credits, and Busted’s best pal and sort of 4th member Cobus Potgieter lends a hand on drums. One of the songs on the album may even sound familiar to Mcbusted or Son of Dork fans, as they recorded and remade the song which James originally wrote about Busted ‘What Happened Your Band’. Only this time the song has that original Busted feel.

What are our favourite tracks from Half Way There?

If we had to just pick 3 songs off the album which we enjoy the most, we’d have to pick MIA – a song which in this freezing cold gives that summer fun vibe, we feel this will be a festival anthem (Glastonbury again this year please), Nostalgia – the song we feel screams Busted are back to their tongue in cheek lyrical ways the most off the album and Shipwrecked in Atlantis – the song which tells the second part of the Air Hostess story (James confirmed this morning that this song will have a music video, so we’re guessing this is the next single from the album, but don’t quote us on that).

Over all thoughts on Half Way There.

This album is one for the fans. If you were one of the millions who spent their early teen years going gaga over Busted, if Year 3000 and You Said Nowhere your anthems then this is the album you have waited for. It’s edgier, the lyrics are even cheekier and sometimes deeper but with age came growth to the band. If you are a fan of 5SOS, Blink 182, Waterparks or The 1975 then this album you need to hear.


5/5. Pure pop rock perfection.

How to get Half Way There in your life.

You can purchase the physical copy of the album here

Download now from iTunes or stream from Spotify.

You can also catch Busted on tour this March, dates and info here.

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.