#CAKE Releases Remix of Danny Padilla’s “Innocent”

Any EDM fan seeking a chill head bobbing session need look no further than the #CAKE remix of Danny Padilla’s “Innocent”. The sultry track was released on Soundcloud and Beatport earlier this week.

A few days ago, #CAKE unveiled the announcement on their Twitter page. Evidently, both parties had been very excited for the new remix. #CAKE even went as far as posting “Danny Padilla is hella talented” on their Soundcloud. We hear them loud and clear!

Why is this remix so good? To begin with, #CAKE captures the greatest features of “Innocent” and turns the catchy song into something even better.

The remix showcases Padilla’s soulful voice and soothing melody. Owing to the organ-like background and smooth bass line, the music supplements the Padilla’s vocals perfectly.

To sum up the “Innocent” remix in one word: it’s “warm.” While it is an EDM track, it is not one of those hyped up, balls-to-the-wall type of songs. Padilla lends a low, rich sound through hus voice. When mixed with the cathedral-esque melody, both elements cover a massive range of complimentary high-to-low sounds. As a result, #CAKE’s “Innocent” remix has a smooth and chocolate-y texture.

Check out #CAKE’s freshest remix of “Innocent” by David Padilla below!


Written by CelebMix