What We Can Look Forward To In 2016

A new year is upon us, which means new things to look forward to in the entertainment world. So many movies and albums are coming this year, so, without further adieu, here’s just a small list of what is coming.



Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Harry Potter fans rejoice: a spin off from the beloved series will be in theaters this summer. Based on the fictional author of a Hogwarts textbook, the movie takes place in the 1920s, in New York City. It’s the first Harry Potter based film released since the series ended in 2011.



Ryan Reynolds is blessing the movie screens again in the eighth installment of the X-Men series. He plays the title role, a witty, deformed antihero, in a movie we’re pretty sure isn’t meant for children. Due to the response all the promotion has gotten, it’s safe to say that the film’s marketing team likely deserves a raise. The film will be released in February.

Finding Dory

The long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo is finally within reach. Finding Dory is set for a summer release, with Ellen DeGeneres reprising the iconic role of the titular character: a memory challenged fish who is searching for her family. It’s still quite a wait, so let’s just keep swimming til summer.

Captain America: Civil War

The thirteenth MCU installment is definitely going to be an exciting one indeed. The Avengers are back, but after they’ve caused too much collataral damage in saving the world, the government has decided to sanction our heroes, making it so THEY decide when the Avengers are needed. Captain America is against this, while Tony Stark, or Iron Man, is completely for it. The Avengers split into two opposing factions, and anarchy ensues. Get ready to watch the mayhem, it comes out in April.

Other films that are sure to make your year are Doctor Strange, Moana, Suicide Squad, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.




Zayn Malik’s Debut Album

Directioners may be upset about the hiatus that One Direction start this year, but if they thought the excitement was done then they should think again.

Zayn and his Zquad have a lot to be excited about this year. Z016 is upon us (confirmed via the man himself), with his debut record rumored to be released, well, any time now! According to his Fader interview, the video portion in which a bit of a song called “Befour” was used, Zayn’s album is set for an early 2016 release.


Frank Ocean’s New Album

Probably the most anticipated album of the year, Mr. Ocean has a lot of explaining to do when this follow up to Channel ORANGE finally comes out. It was due to come out in July, but obviously that didn’t happen. Not that we’re bitter or anything….

Anyway, the album now has a release scheduled for spring.


Anti by Rihanna

Riri has given us world tour dates, three singles, but no release date for her eighth studio album. It’s expected to be in 2016, and we can hardly wait.

5H2 by Fifth Harmony

It’s been quite a ride for 5H and their Harmonizers, but there is light at the end of this confusing and dark tunnel: the ladies of 5H have been working on their third album. It’s said to have more of an R&B sound, and that none other than Max Martin has been involved. We can see the Grammies already.

Other musicians confirmed or rumored to release new music are Gwen Stefani, Backstreet Boys, Kanye West, and Drake.



It may be too late to see Adele, due to the tickets selling out at a record fast pace, but there are plenty of others who have tours coming up.

  • Justin Bieber: Purpose Tour
  • Little Mix: Get Weird Tour
  • Nick Jonas/Demi Lovato: The Future Now Tour
  • 5SOS: Sounds Live Feels Live Tour.
  • Selena Gomez will also be touring in 2016.

2016 looks like it’s going to be pretty amazing, so here’s to another crazy year.

What are you looking forward to? Did we miss anything? Are you going to a show? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!


Written by CelebMix