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Los Angeles electronic crossover duo CAPYAC introduces their second debut album, CAPYAC FOREVER, via Eye in the Sky Collective.

Made up of Eric Peana, aka P. Sugz, and Delwin Campbell, aka Potion, CAPYAC merges music, art, fashion, and theatrics. Beginning in Austin, Texas, where they became underground icons, with the release of their debut single, “Speedracer,” the duo exploded on the music scene like a tsunami.

Renowned for the live shows, their electrifying performances include an array of costumes, dance troupes, collaborations, and cutting humor. Yet behind the stylish glitz and glamor lies CAPYAC’s avant-garde sound, brimming with the intricacies of wickedly alluring music, including minimalist techno, spy-movie theme songs, trap jazz, nu-disco, and an array of stylistic flavors.

CAPYAC has shared the stage with Washed Out, CLASSIXX, Tennyson, and STS9, along with performing more than 350 shows across The United States, Mexico, and Europe. Along the way, they’ve collected over 18 million streams and rave reviews from the world’s prestigious media outlets: Wonderland Magazine, HighSnobiety, KCRW, EARMILK, BuzzbandsLA, and a host of others.

Encompassing 10-tracks, the album begins with “Losing It,” rolling out on funk-flavored R&B tones rippling with dazzling textures of nu-disco. Lustrous vocals infuse the tune with creamy coloration as the throbbing beat pushes the song with pulsing power.

Entry points include “Sanctuary,” featuring Slim Jeff and Annabelle Maginnis, a track full of Bee Gees-like disco savors blended with an extended bassline of cavernous proportions, giving the tune thrumming cadence.

“Alright” travels on hefty percussion accented by funky flavors reminiscent of Kool & The Gang, only with more punch and grand production. One of the best tracks is “Ooeeooeeoo,” drenched in swanky funk washes topped by bright, braying horns.

A personal favorite is the velvety “Blood Moon Outro,” a scrumptious blend of R&B and jazz flavors crowned by a dreamy, silky-smooth falsetto.

CAPYAC has it going on! CAPYAC FOREVER offers lush, plush waves of nu-disco amalgamated with elements of jazz, funk, and R&B.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.