Cassadee Pope Releases Brand New Single “Take You Home”

We have a brand new single from Cassadee Pope, and we can’t stop listening to it. She first teased us about the track when she posted about it on her social media three days ago, and here it is. “Take You Home” is totally our new favourite, and we believe a music video for it is on its way.

This single is her first release since 2016’s EP “Summer” which had one official single release of the same title. This song certainly has the same sort of feel to “Summer”; that explains why we fully love the track.

Cassadee Pope is probably most known for winning the third season of the US version of The Voice, where she became the first female winner. She went on to release a debut album, a second EP, and a few chart hits, and some treasured tracks. Many older fans will also know her when she was the female lead vocalist in the rock band Hey Monday who have been on hiatus since 2011.

In her announcement a few days ago, she revealed that the song was written by Emily Weisband, Paul DiGiovanni, and Ben Hayslip. She also revealed some exclusive content during her Facebook video and a very short snippet of what looks to be a music video – which we can’t wait for.

Listen To Cassadee Pope’s New Single “Take You Home” Here:

As we previously mentioned, this song has the same tone as “Summer”, as if it’s a song that was missed out on that EP. This is Cassadee Pope’s signature style and we are completely obsessed with it; we’re also not the only ones as people have been downloading the track a lot on iTunes, pushing it up high on the iTunes Country Charts around the world. This has a lot of potential to become a hit.

The song has a brilliant rolling chorus that we adore, with a catchy hook and story lyrics. “Take You Home” literally transports us right into the story where Cassadee Pope has met this new guy who she wants to take home and introduce him to everyone and really allow him to find out who she is in every way – we totally get where she’s coming from with this.

Before the end of the song, you’ll be singing this out loud, like we are right now. Her vocals are pure perfection. She’s really connected with the track and knows how to accentuate the lyrics, really sending out the love feels of this song to the listeners. It’s no wonder that this song has already become so popular.

“Take You Home” is available to download and stream right now, through Awake Music. We expect to see a music video drop in the next week or so – we hope.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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