Catie Turner releases “Savior” from The Sad Vegan EP

American Idol alum Catie Turner is gearing up to release her six-song EP The Sad Vegan on Friday, June 14th. The first single titled “Savior” dropped last Friday and has been a fast favorite amongst fans of the “21st Century Machine” singer.

The singer recently vocalized her fear of releasing new music post Idol on Twitter, stating: “I’m scared, I’m scared I’m HECKING scared, but I hope the hard work pays off.” Later adding to her thread, Turner tweeted, “Post Idol is a very scary time, especially post Idol from season one when you are a little further from everyone’s mind. I’m hoping for the best but trying not to get my hopes up”.

It is no secret that reality singing competition shows produce multitudes of new talent seemingly every six months and Turner feared she, and her music, would get lost in the mix like so many Idol contestants before her.

“Savior” marks a turn in style for the singer as the song introduces us to a much more pop-influenced Turner. “Savior” itself speaks of not holding yourself back for the sake of another individual who is not suitable for you. With an infectious beat, witty lyrics, catchy chorus, and an attitude to match, Turner’s “Savior” proves to be pop perfection.

Turner first caught the nation’s attention as a contestant on ABC’s American Idol with her white go-go boots, original songs with captivating lyrics and a larger than life personality. Turner went on to be in the top seven of American Idol’s 16th season, but her journey came to an end after her performance of The Bangles classic “Manic Monday.”

Turner will be heading out on tour later this month. The Sad Vegan Tour kicks off on June 23rd at 7:00 pm, with Jonny Brenns, at The Foundry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tickets can be purchased through

Catie Turner’s EP, The Sad Vegan, is available for pre-order on Apple Music and Spotify.

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