CD9: The Mexican Boyband You Should Be Obsessing Over

It seems that the boy band is going to continue to be an integral part of modern music — and we’re definitely not complaining. Everybody in the world seems to know one — from One Direction (sigh) to BTS (K-pop bands can be considered boy bands, right?) to *NSYNC (love you JT!). And considering boy bands have come to define generations, we’re sure everyone has at least one favorite boy band. So we’d like to present: CD9.

Latin America has been rolling out some super successful teen bands for a while, most notably: Menudo, Timbiriche, and RBD. These bands have achieved global success and have been recognized all across the world because of their iconic sounds.

So what about CD9?

And following in the footsteps of several global counterparts, CD9 was formed in 2013 in Mexico City. The group is formed by Jos Canela, Alonso Villalpando, Freddy Leyva, Alan Navarro, and Bryan Mouque. Jos Canela (20) wanted to create a band and asked his friends Alonso Villalpando (20) and Alan Navarro (20) to become members. Freddy Leyva (21), Alan’s cousin, was invited to form part of the band as well. Bryan Mouque, a friend of Alonso, was invited to join the band after they lost William Valdes due to “personal issues.” By October 2013, the band signed a contract with Sony Music Mexico and worked on music.

With three albums to their names — CD9, Evolution, and Revolution — CD9 have definitely become musical powerhouses. Both CD9 and Evolution came in at number one on the Mexican music charts and both albums have been certified platinum. Each was toured (with the Revolution Tour currently near its end) in several well-known venues across Mexico and Latin American.

Their most recent album, Revolution, used Evolution as the core for their third album. It’s composed of live versions of songs, collaborations, and English versions of some of their hits. One of the most notable singles off the album is “Get Dumb,” a collab with K-pop girl group Crayon Pop. The video is helping CD9 gain international attention, especially from Korean and Japanese audiences. Watch the video below:

They’re setting new standards in music.

Although they have tons of songs that are catchy and great, we think it’s important to recognize that CD9 are expanding the world of music in Latin America — they’re setting a new standard for the amount of work artists put into reaching global audiences. The band has stated that they’re excited to reach a global audience and we’re positive that they’ll do so, especially with the support of their dedicated fanbase.

If you’re not too sure about how you feel about CD9, feel free to look them up on YouTube (or Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram). You’ll find some “best moments” videos and you’ll also find lots of interviews, where you can see the guys interacting with each other and fans. Although lots of their videos are in Spanish, we’re pretty sure we spotted a Filipino update account on Twitter!

If you’re feeling adventurous (or if you’re bilingual), here’s one in Spanish for you:

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