Inna: A Year In Review

The end of 2015 saw Inna release her self-titled fourth studio album. She released a total of four singles from this album (or six if you count “Cola Song” & “Good Time”), the last of which started her 2016 year.

In February, she released “Rendez Vous”. The fifth single from her fourth studio album. It wasn’t a big hit, although it did do quite well in Poland. The music video was released to celebrate 1 billion hits on her YouTube Channel. The song samples Mr. President’s song “Coco Jamboo”, which was released in 1996.

Watch Inna’s music video to “Rendez Vous” here:

Touring has been a big part of Inna’s 2016 year. She has flown around the world more times than we can count, and she announced three concerts at the start of the year; all the while gearing up to take to the Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest, Romania. Three years earlier, she had a sold out show at this venue, so she was totally ready to rock with a live band on that very stage; in her home country.

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These three new concerts were in Mexico, one on 2 February with Juan Magan at the Carnival Campeche; and two were in March, at the Teatro Estudio Cavaret, Guadalajara, on 17 March; and at The Pepsi Center on 19 March; the latter of which, tickets were selling fast.

Whilst the Mexico tickets were selling, she continued to tour. She performed at Prime Hall, Minsk, Belarus; where she posted an Instagram video of the energy within the building. The first Mexico date came around quickly, and another video showing her performance.

2016 was also a big year for her followers, her fans and her Club Rockers. She hit one billion YouTube views; then hit one million followers on Twitter; and then one million followers on Instagram. In honour of the latter, she released a short video, thanking her fans. The song is “Diggy Down (Embody Remix)“, a favourite remix amongst her fans.

She next went on to endorse L’Oreal Paris Romania and featured in this advert. Early 2016, was already gearing up to be a big year for Inna.

Following the release of “Rendez Vous”, and following it through with a bunch of remixes; she next released an online video for “Bad Boys” in promotion of fitness. This is an important part of being a singer, and Inna has always shown her love to stay in shape.

Watch Inna’s “Bad Boys” Online Video Here:

As previously mentioned, campaigning is a big deal for Inna, and if she can influence one person or many people with her campaigns then she feels as if she has helped someone. So it’s no surprise that she supports charities and promotes certain campaigns. Such as this one, titled “Go Mono”, by Radio 21 Romania.

This was not the only campaign Inna took part in this year. With “The Powerpuff Girls” returning to Cartoon Network; Inna took the chance to sing the theme song to the Romanian version of the cartoon TV show.

2016 may not have brought a new Inna album, it may not have brought a massive collaboration, it may not have brought signed posters (like in 2014 for her “Summer Days” EP); but it did bring official Inna merchandise. For the first time ever, Inna released merchandise on her official website. In collaboration with Global Records, she released “I Am The Club Rocker” T-Shirts. The first 50 fans who ordered t-shirts also got a signed CD of her fourth studio album.

On 7 May, Inna performed at Feria de Puebla 2016. She later announced that she will be joining Steve Aoki, Deorro, Sigala, and many other acts at Mexico’s Electric Planet Music Festival.

It wasn’t long until Inna started to tease her fans about her new music. First up was “Heaven”. This is her first single from her fifth studio album; set to be released in 2017. The music video was filmed in Mauritius.

She was still touring as she dropped teasers of her new single. Appearing at Forza Zu, she wore an iconic outfit,. She then graced the cover of Unica Magazine Romania. Then the G Girls came along out of nowhere.

G Girls, or Global Girls as we presume, was a Global Records project consisting of four female artists on the label: Inna, Alexandra Stan, Antonia, and Lori. They all collaborated on track: “Call The Police“, which went on to received moderate international success. This was the first Inna musical release since February.

Watch “Call The Police” Music Video Here:

Just a week into having this song on repeat; Inna treated her Club Rockers by dropping her highly anticipated new single “Heaven”. She had been teasing this music video for months on various social channels, but nothing could prepare us for the tropical new sound.

Two new songs from Inna was more than enough; but a month after the initial release, Inna dropped a massive 24-track remix EP for “Heaven”. Talk about treating her fans.

Watch Inna’s Music Video For “Heaven” Here:

Another announcement came through in June. This was to confirm that she will be a coach on Vocea României Junior (The Voice of Romania Junior). This is the first time The Voice Junior has been in Romania, and filming has already begun, with Inna sharing pictures on her Instagram of her sitting in one of the famous spinning chairs.

She followed that announcement up with a concert in Turkey at the Aura Club Kemer.

Before Inna geared up for her next single release, this year. She did a surprise congratulations speech on a plane. This is what her Club Rockers love about Inna, she is always so sweet and honest. She witnessed a marriage proposal and had to congratulate them through the intercom.

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Next up was “Say It With Your Body“, which she had teased her followers for months. The song got a promotional online music video. However, the song was only a promo track for her fifth studio album, which is planned to be released in 2017.

More performances taking her from country to country came. Estonia and Finland came and went. But she soon returned to Finland for a second concert; a festival titled “Nallikari Summer Party”.

Watch Inna’s Instagram Video Of Nallikari Summer Party:

July brought Inna two million YouTube Subscribers. Followed by a concert in her home country, an intimate show at Nuba #Summervibes in Bucharest, Romania. It all lead up to receiving an award for her fourth studio album, self-titled, which went gold in Poland.

Her biggest festival was definitely the Romanian Untold Festival 2016. This is always one of the biggest festivals in Romania.

Again, she was off on her travels, visiting different countries. But she returned to Mexico and performed with five-piece boy band, CD9, at the Coca Cola FM Estudio.

Watch Inna Collaborate With CD9 Live:

A little break followed after “Say It With Your Body” with various concerts around the world. Inna was travelling from country to country to promote her music. Yet, in October, she asked for support from her loyal fans, her Club Rockers. She teamed up with with Hospice Casa Sperantei for a “Donate Your Birthday” campaign. She hoped to raise 4,000 RON, encouraging friends, family and fans to donate, as that would be the greatest gift of all, on her birthday.

Her birthday came around, where she turned 30 years old. This day became even more special, when she hit her target for Hospice Casa Sperantei.

On her birthday, Global Records released the Global Session of Inna performing new promotional single “Cum Ar Fi“, which wasn’t officially released as a single, until a month later. This was a couple of days before her Club Rockers spoke to CelebMix on why they love Inna.

More concerts followed, including Ireland on 3 December, which CelebMix was luckily enough to attend.

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2016 was a big year for Inna, but it was pretty small considering what she has planned for 2017. Her next single is the highly teased: “Gimme Gimme”, where short clips and photos have been teased on her social media accounts and fan pages.

Another song that has been teased by Global Records is “Me Gusta”. Little is known about this track, but it could follow “Gimme Gimme”.

As Inna gears up to releasing her fifth studio album in 2017, expect many more concerts around the world, including Brazil which she confirmed on Instagram.

With Vocea României Junior just around the corner, we could be seeing Inna promoting her music more. Could her fifth studio album be the summer anthem we’ve been waiting for?

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