Ceara Cavalieri’s “Radio Silence” Conveys the Ultimate Disappearing Act

When a person you deeply care about cuts off all communication it can be extremely painful. Ceara Cavalieri’s latest release is a bold narration of being brutally ghosted by someone she had strong feelings for. The song’s edgy pumped pop sound contrasted by delicate vocals showcases her strength yet also her vulnerability. Many of us can connect to her story as we have all been let down by love at one point or another. Ceara confides “I wrote this song about a guy that I had been dating for about 8 months who randomly ghosted me without saying anything. It is such a weird feeling when you are used to talking to someone everyday and then out of nowhere it’s just complete “radio silence” on their end.”

The 26-year-old artist used songwriting as a teenager to express her deepest thoughts and fears. Often times Cavalieri’s shyness got in the way of her voicing her most authentic feelings. She received her degree in psychology from UCLA, but now pursues music full-time. The singer has blossomed into a confident talent and that is evident in this new self-assured single. Get hooked on this infectious, bubbly banger.



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