CelebMix Exclusive Interview With Next Stop Mars

Here at CelebMix there’s nothing we like more then new music, and talking to some of the most friendly artists in the business. This week we jumped at the chance to interview Shanel, Denis Dan and John to find out more about them and get the scoop on their debut single ‘Bad Bitch’.

Celeb Mix-  Hi guys! Thank you so much for sitting down to talk to us today.

Denis- Your very welcome 

CM- So let’s start this off, like a dating profile, in 10 words how would you each describe yourselves?

Shanel- Oh! This is hard. Can we do this about each other? And make it interesting.

CM-Sure! This could get interesting.

NSM’s 10 words to describe drummer John– Tigger because he can bounce for hours and cries a lot. Hard working and very kind.

NSM’s 10 words to describe Denis – Winnie the pooh, hes always eating, snores really loud, hard working.

NSM’s 10 words to describe Dan – Eeyore, hes sensitive, chilled and laid back, kind hearted and hard working

NSM’s 10 words to describe Shanel- Piglet because shes small, kind, chilled and hard working and beautiful.

CMWhat 3 bands would you say have mixed to create Next Stop Mars’s sound?

Shanel– DNCE and 5SOS.

Den– Oh and a bit of Rixton and The Vamps

CMRight so you have all been selected to go on the Mars Mission, however you have an iPod between you which can only hold 3 songs. Which songs are they?

John- Ah what!

Den- So something we all love? All Time Low- Something’s Gotta Give

John– Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Dan and Shan– No!!!! Not for the rest of our lives

Dan– I need something fun. Maybe of our own songs, they make me happy. 

Den– Oh and Frank Sinatra- Fly Me To The Moon.

CM- Right we know you have some really cool celebrity friends (Union J, Jason Derulo, James Bourne, Labrinth and George Shelley etc) How did you meet them?

Shan-The first celebrity friend we really got close to was Jason Derulo, so when me and Denis were just a duo (SD*JEM) we were doing a club PA and Jason was at this event to, and was put on a VIP table with us, we then went on to another party with him in Mayfair, and I ended up getting my drink spiked. He felt so bad about it, and a few weeks later took me and Den out for dinner. He invited us to a gig as part of his entourage shortly after and then since then we’ve just got closer and closer. 

Den- I’ll say how we know James Bourne. Really funny actually. There’s a coffee shop just over the road from where we live, and I bumped into him there. He was about to go on the McBusted tour, and we were about to go on The Saturdays tour. He was really tired, and didn’t talk much so I kinda thought he didn’t wanna be my friend. A couple of years later once Next Stop Mars had formed as a 4 piece and I bumped into him again.

Funnily enough he recognised me. We had a chat and went on to talk about how the apartment we live in is actually McFly’s old flat. He was like I have so many crazy memories from that flat,I wrote so many songs with Tom there, can I come around and see it? I said yes but didn’t think anything of it. Until the next day I was out and my mum called me to say James from Busted just knocked the door to see if your in. I asked if she was joking, and she said no he’s here now. So my mum told him to come back the next day, and he did and we hit it off and became friends. And now were like besties. We had Nando’s with James yesterday. He gave us an exclusive Busted car air freshener.

CM- So if you could work with one of your musical pals to create the best song ever who would it be?

Den- For me, because he is one of the best producers around it would have to be Labrinth 


CM- So let’s talk about your debut single Bad Bitch, how long did it take to write the song?

Dan- 30 minutes if that hahaha.

Den- It was less then that, I put the timer on to see if we could write a song. We wrote Bad Bitch and our next single within the 30 mins

CM- Is Bad Bitch a song based on something that has happened to you guys?

Den– We’ve all come across someone who is a bit of a bad bitch.

Shan- We’ve all come across someone we’ve fallen for or got a bit of a crush on, and you chase them no matter how bad they are. It could take them 5 hours to text but you text back right away. It’s like don’t pretend your too cool for me, your just another bad bitch.

CM-Haha! So have any of you ever been the bad bitch?

Shan-I guess we all accidentally have. Never to hurt anyone.

Den- I’m terrible for it. I take ages to reply

Shan- Dan is awful! He won’t show up for his dates. He’ll get caught up in something like the Harry Potter marathon and forget. Denis is terrible at replying. He has like 100 Whatsapp messages that he just hasn’t read. Me and John care too much about other peoples feelings to wanna say anything that could be hurting peoples feelings.

CM- We loved the video for ‘Bad Bitch’. Who came up with the concept for it?

John- Den did!

Den- We decided to do a story board video, which was hard for having a small budget. Obviously we do everything ourselves.

Dan- We actually decided on most of it during the day as we were shooting.

Den- We vibed a lot on the day with the area we found

Shan- We had a studio which we where going to use for most of the video, but the location shots were so much fun, we just kept coming up with ideas.

CM-So, is Bad Bitch the kind of direction your going in for the rest of your music?

John- I’d say it’s a great starting point for where our music is going to go in the future. But maybe what will be doing will more pop orientated. Defiantly that fun vibe though.

Den- Maybe a little more chart friendly.

Shan- The stuff we have written with Chris and James Bourne is similar to Bad Bitch. Very fun but more rocky.

Den-Our next single Always is out 24th of February. It’s a bit more poppy!

CM- So in three years time, where do you see yourselves?

Dan- Hopefully selling out the o2. That’s the goal and the dream.

Den We have our hearts set on huge goals, and we will keep dreaming and working until we get there.

CM- So we contacted a few of your fans, and they have given us a few questions to ask!

Dan, do you ship #Jan or #Danis – @Nikkiii987 (Jan= John and Dan, Danis = Dan and Denis)

Dan-That’s a hard one. I like them both haha. I see more fans tweet Jan, but it could be just because it’s January

John– Yes! Hahahaha

What size feet do you all have? @Nikkiii987

Shan– I’m a size 4.

Dan- I’m like a size 11.

Den– I’m a 43. I think I average 8.5

John-I’m a size 9.

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be and what would you name yourselves?@McflysArmy

John- I’d be a blue da ba dee da ba die.

Shan- I’d be a rose gold, or a peachy pinky kind of nude, but I’d be called rose gold.

Dan- Id be a black, called Dan. The blackest crayon you could get.

If you were stranded on a dessert island and could only have 3 non electrical items what would they be? @CharlieLawlor17

John- Food

Shan- Baby wipes to keep refreshed, something to make fire with and a chapstick

Den- A knife and a piece of flint. Bear Grylls style.

If you had to use only one trait or feature from each of you to create the ultimate band member what would it be? @CharlieLawlor17

John- That’s a really good question, I’d use Dan’s height.

Shan- Johns metabolism

John- Denis’s tattoo’s

Dan- Shanel’s long hair.


CM- Right and finally guys, you have 10 words to completely sell the Celeb Mix readers ‘Bad Bitch’ go!


Den- Exciting

Shan-Funny and comical


Shan- Light hearted

Den- Exhilarating

John- Funky, upbeat and catchy!

A massive thank you to Next Stop Mars for joining us for this chat. If there is anything else you’d like to know, tweet Denis Shanel John and Dan, or catch them on Facebook! They live stream almost weekly.

Bad Bitch is available for download now on iTunes, or to stream on Spotify. Their new single Always is out soon!

As always, let us know @celebmix if you are also loving this band!

Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.