CelebMix Exclusive: Q&A with DEV

CelebMix couldn’t wait to hear all about DEV’s new music and what she has been up to since returning to the spotlight. We recently got to chat with the platinum selling artist about her latest song, “#1”, in addition to her personal icons, dedicated fans and so much more. Check out our exclusive interview below.

“#1” has been receiving such positive feedback from listeners. When working on a track, what do you consider to be your biggest focus and goal?

I go into the studio to release energy and vibes and to put my stories into song form. If they happen to be enjoyed by others, that’s an even bigger plus.

Will there be a video to accompany your new single?

YES! I don’t want to give anything away yet, but I’m so excited.

After laying low-key for a few years to focus on your daughter and her health, do you feel any pressure coming back into the music scene and having to create something just as big as your previous hits?

I don’t feel pressure no. Some people don’t even get to experience one of the songs I had from my previous years. I made those songs with the love of music and being able to create so I want those same vibes for my new stuff. I never want to lose the core of the energy I had when I first started and I think that will keep me going. Over the past few years I took time to release two EP’s Bittersweet July PT1 & 2, and tour those independently and seeing all the kids that came out to those shows and purchased that music regardless of having a radio single, really got me excited to get back in the studio and sign to RECORDS and keep it moving.

Has being a mother influenced your musical styling or writing in any way?

At first I wasn’t sure how being a mom would change my musical style, I was nervous I wouldn’t want to make sassy, fun songs any more but honestly my daughter is just as feisty as I am and she loves all the fun songs I create. I think seeing her react to my music has given me a boost of confidence. I want her to feel just as free and powerful one day.

Growing up, who were your musical icons?

Selena. Kurt Cobain. Nelly Furtado. Lauryn Hill. Gwen Stefani. Freddie Mercury. Elton John. Bob Marley. Outkast. Kanye West. Karen O….I could go on and on lol.

If your life could have a theme song, what would you choose?

I CAN’T CHOOSE ONE! But for today, GOOD LIFE by Kanye West. I feel like that song is one of my go to’s.

You have such an incredible, wide range of fans from all over the world. What do you admire most about your Baby Goons?

That they enjoy what I do regardless of mainstream success. They support my dreams and in return I hope they know that I will always have their back. They’ve been detrimental in me living my dreams. I’m super grateful. And they’re all so cute!

Do you have anywhere in particular that you have not yet gotten the chance to perform or visit that you would like to travel to in the near future?

I want to perform in Portugal one day. My family is from there and the Azores Islands. I’d love to perform in the country where my family is from.

As you continue to release new music, are you looking to get out on the road again and tour? 

YES! I love touring and being able to see my fans/friends out on the road. Can’t wait to make new memories!

“#1” is available at:

iTunes: http://apple.co/2b5ubQ9

Apple Music: http://apple.co/2b7RY3I

Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2brdRP1

Google Play – http://bit.ly/2b2Xnfg

Vevo/YouTube – https://youtu.be/Xfumq54N7VY

Tidal – http://bit.ly/2bnw2QW

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Written by Cayla Masters

Music, pop culture and cheesesteak lover. Follow me on Twitter, @caylamasters