CelebMix Interview | Olivia Penalva on the success of “Love Me”, 2021 and more

2021 has been great for Canadian pop artist Olivia Penalva so far. She has kept herself busy writing and working towards the next singles she plans to release in 2021, and a record, which has been rewarding for her mentally and physically. CelebMix really look forward to seeing where this year takes her!

“Thank you so much. It’s crazy to see everything that has happened with this track,” Olivia expresses to CelebMix. “I am beyond grateful. It’s so weird to keep something to yourself for so long and then finally share it and have so many people loving it.”

I have the best fans and support system and it just makes me even more excited to share the rest of the music.

Olivia Penalva

Olivia’s single “Love Me” is all about unconditional love. Loving someone with flaws and all and not caring about what anyone else has to say about it.

Olivia explains, “I believe it really represents me. I’ve been in a relationship for quite some time and everything I said in that song is true to the person I have in my life and I am so glad I could share that with the world.”

When it came to the creation of the initial song, Olivia essentially wanted to write a fun song about being in love and sharing your life with someone that loves you even when things get difficult.

“I think we nailed the message and I am so happy to see so many other relating to it in their personal lives,” Olivia says.

Writing “Love Me” was such an experience for Olivia. Although, it was different because usually people are in the room with co-writers during the process. Because of the pandemic, the entire song was written and recorded over Zoom, which was a learning curve for Olivia, but something she evidently loved doing.

I won’t lie, I do miss the face to face work and hopefully that can happen soon.

Olivia Penalva

Hopefully when you listen to the song it inspires you. Olivia is the type of person that loves nothing more than writing songs that anyone can relate to and translate into their own lives. Love is fun and beautiful and sometimes can get ugly but if you have that special person that loves you through anything, cherish that.

Olivia’s next release is one she is so excited for.

“It’s fun and edgy and I cannot wait to share it,” Olivia reveals. “It definitely has a different message that ‘love me’ but I really look forward to sharing that story soon.”

2021 is going to be a very exciting year for Olivia Penalva.

“I wrote over 80 songs in that past few months and I cannot wait to but my record together for you all,” Olivia continues. “It’s the best work I’ve ever done and I hope everyone will love it as much as I do.”

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