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CelebMix interview: Topic discusses collaboration with ATB & A7S on “Your Love (9pm)”

2020 hasn’t really changed Topic personally, he still sticks to the same values and loves producing music. Although 2020 was challenging for the world, Topic is glad he got to stay in his studio, to be creative and be able to try out more things musically. In fact, Topic is thankful for a lot of things the year brought him. Especially the huge support he got for his previous single “Breaking Me“!

“I’m getting a bit restless as I would now love to hit the stages again,” Topic tells CelebMix in our interview about his new single. “Been creating so much music other the past months, I’m desperate to present it to a lively crowd and feel all the emotions they feel, while hearing it.” Live streams just aren’t Topic’s thing per se, as he has done a couple, but he really needs that personal touch and special feeling you only get while playing gigs in front of “real” people!

Now, Topic has joined forces with ATB and A7S for “Your Love (9PM)”, a remake version of ATB’s “9pm (Till I Come)” 23 years after its original release.

“For me personally – pure nostalgia and childhood memories. ‘9pm (Till I Come)’ is an absolute dance classic that I’ve known and loved since I was little,” Topic reveals on his remake of ATB’s original hit. “Lyric wise it’s a longing to feel loved by this one person, which gives you such a high you would even want to have it over and over again. Even if it hurts.”

Absolutely! The typical ATB guitar riff paired with my ‘melancholic dance music’ sound and the unmistakable voice of A7S results in a perfect symbiosis.

Topic on his remake of “9pm (Till I Come)”

“It was really organic, like it should be. ATB liked my style of productions and got in contact to me through a friend,” he continues. “A few days later we met up in the studio and got to work.”

From there, after Topic was satisfied with the basic structure he brought in A7S for him to work on the track. The lyrics were a fit nearly straight away and “Your Love (9PM)” was born.

Although, with all that said, Topic wouldn’t call It a remake. It’s more like a sample of a classic song and he made something new of it. “I’m not the biggest fan of just remaking songs. I think this is a different case,” Topic adds.

Topic is currently working on quite a lot at the moment in very different genres and with different musicians. Nothing he could reveal to CelebMix yet, but hopefully soon.

Topic is hoping 2021 will be an uplifting year for the event industry and many promoters, clubs, live engineers, etc., who have survived the pandemic economic wise.

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