EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix meet Steps at their Party at the Cinema event

90’s Pop was resurrected last year with the comeback of pop group Steps, who released Tears On The Dancefloor and toured UK arenas in celebration of their 20th anniversary and earlier this week they hosted a party at the cinema.

Party At The Cinema saw some audience members get up close and personal with their idols, as the five-piece took part in a live Q&A hosted by Rylan, who took questions from fans on social media, and in the room itself.

The group’s sold out show at London Wembley Arena in November 2017 was captured for a new release ‘Party On The Dancefloor – Live From The London SSE Wembley Arena’ and the five-piece premiered the concert film at a very special event at Everyman Cinema in London’s Kings Cross on Monday 5 June.

CelebMix were lucky enough to catch up with Claire, Faye, H, Lee and Lisa for a bit of a chat before the screening began.

What can fans who attended the Party on the Dancefloor tour expect from your summer outdoor show?

Faye: It actually feels like a completely different show doesn’t it?

H: Yeah it’s a different vibe, isn’t it?

Faye: We’ve obviously gone with the summer theme. We have brand new baggy bright new costumes where we wanted to light at.

Lee: Some new tracks!

Faye: Yeah, a couple of new tracks. We listened to social media and wanted to do something that the fans wanted so we brought back an oldie but goodie. We are also performing ‘Glitter and Gold’ which we haven’t performed before so that’s a brand new dance routine for everyone to learn.  We’re just having great fun with it and it’s a different experience. It’s completely a different experience to an arena tour.

Claire: It’s the same thing you would expect from a Steps Tour but just a little bit different.

H: Luckily also, the weather has been following us on tour!

Claire: I know it’s been brilliant!

What’s the best concert you have each attended?

(general murmurs of Prince)

Claire: I remember we went to see Prince years ago and he was amazing.

H: I would have loved to have seen Five Star but I didn’t.

Lee: I actually went to see Linkin Park, it was on my birthday and I was sitting right up the side, I always remember this as it was a birthday present for my wife and someone came up to me and said “Oh, you’re Lee Latchford Evans aren’t you?” and that’s the first time someone has ever come up to me and not said you’re ‘Lee from Steps’ and it just hit me and I went “Nice to meet ya mate, yes I am!” and it was at a Linkin Park concert!!!

H: Oh that’s so cool, I don’t really go to concerts, more musicals!

Claire: The first concert that I ever went to was Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium

H: That must have been spectacular!!

Claire: Yeah, it was pretty cool.

If you could relive one of your past tours, which one would you choose and why?

Lee: Ooh that’s a good question!

Faye: The last one, Party On The Dancefloor because we really really enjoyed it. It was so exciting to perform new music, as well as the old stuff – dramatic, dark and fabulous and it was really exciting to be back in the position we are now and just having a really lovely time together and just getting an absolute buzz and adrenaline rush from every night.

What advice would you give to pop acts from yesteryear who are hoping to make a successful comeback?

Lee: The key thing is for us is, I think it’s because we’re being very honest and true to what we know Steps are about and what we believe the fans want and also it’s the original line up aswell and I think if you put that together, it really does work. So I think if you’re gonna do it, you can’t try and change who you are, you’ve got to give fans what they remember – a bit of nostalgia and a bit of new for the future aswell but I think you’ve got to be true to who you are.

Big love to Steps for making our childhood dreams a reality! We also loved watching their show live on the big screen – there’s no atmosphere quite like a room full of pop lovers who literally turned the cinema screening into a concert itself.

You can get a copy of Party On The Dancefloor right here and head to their official site to get all the details on their Summer of Steps tour which kicked off in Cheltenham last week.

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