CelebMix Turns One: Our ten most popular posts

After celebrating over the past week, CelebMix officially turns one today. The past year has been full of highs; who can forget the CelebMix Awards or the Star of Sixteen; who can forget the time we all freaked out when Little Mix retweeted us!? Launching on May 22 2015, we’ve successfully hit 366 days on Earth (Leap Year, durr), and now it’s time to we back at our most popular posts so far…

1. Harry Styles and Gender Norms

Harry’s lovely momma sent this post into overload in August 2015.

2. CelebMix Awards: New Artist of the Year

The Tide and HomeTown battled it out in the 2015 CelebMix Awards bringing in hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site. In the end, Hometown were crowned victorious.

3. Louis Tomlinson’s baby rumor is true…Or is it? CelebMix Turns One: Our ten most popular posts 2

Twitter went into meltdown when it was rumored Louis Tomlinson would become a father. CelebMix’s Ashley took the time in August to round up the rumors and separate fact from fiction ahead of its official announcement.

4. Star of Sixteen

The Tide and HomeTown were ready for another fight in 2016 when we launched our Star of Sixteen competition, to help find the best new artist of the year. In the end, it was The Tide who claimed victory with over 15,000 votes.

5. My Strange Addiction

An unusual entry into our top ten most popular posts, a parody of the hugely popular My Strange Addiction went viral earlier this year, and CelebMix played its part. So far, this post has been shared over 60,000 times on social media. We can see why… it’s hilarious.

6. Lauren Jauregui; More Than Just a “Girl Group Member”

Our post about loving Lauren went viral; so much so, Lauren herself saw it and gave it a retweet. The post was part of a series explaining why girl group members are always underrated yet so talented. We believe our positive, honest articles are the reason so many of you keep coming back.

7. Sexualization, Generalization and The Agony of One Direction Interviews

Made in the A.M. was just around the corner, and fans across the world were desperate for more 1D interviews. In this article, Ashley discussed the agony of being a 1D fan; why won’t they just ask the questions we want the answers to!? As previously mentioned, if we ever get to interview the boys, our list is ready…

8. The Hate Towards Camila Cabello and Why It Isn’t Okay

When Camila released a song with Shawn Mendes, the internet went into meltdown. In this article, our writer Jessica made the comparison to Maroon 5 and proved women have a harder time in the industry than men. Camila herself read the piece and retweeted it.

9. Briana Jungwirth’s Baby Brings More Questions than Answers for Louis Tomlinson Fans

As baby gate rumors continued, Ashley had more to say.

“The only thing that makes fans uncomfortable right now is the continued way that even after Louis has shown kindness to Briana for months, he’s painted in an extremely negative light,” Ashley wrote.

“With each new article released the whole situation appears to be more of a joke than an exciting time in someone’s life.”

10. Five Ways Harry Styles Proved That Men Can Be Feminists Too

And another 1D piece! This time, Ashley rounded up reasons why Harry Styles proved men could be feminists, listing music and the #HeforShe campaign.

We’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read our content over the past year.

Whether you’ve shared it on social media, stole it for your own website or even used it in your dissertation (seriously, somebody did that), you’re awesome.

Thanks for making CelebMix what it is today. We hope you stick around for an even better year ahead!

Written by CelebMix