CelebMix Valentine: 5 Seconds Of Summer

For some, Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar. For others, it’s a holiday they’d just like to pretend doesn’t exist at all. For those who believe in love and magic, however, it’s a day to make grand gestures in love and decorate with all things pink, red, and sparkly.

We decided that this year, we’d join the Valentine’s Day festivities with our own CelebMix Valentines. We picked a few of our favorite celebrities, incorporated some cheesy pick-up lines, and decided to fond over how impeccable they are. We hope you enjoy them!

5 Seconds of Summer

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PHOTO via Billboard

This year, we have a longer list of Valentine picks and our favourite Aussies are among the ones included! Yes, you read that right! We’ll always have our 5SOS boys close to our hearts.

Obviously, they’ve already had us at their amazing tunes and incredible bond between their fans but that’s just the other half of the story. One of the many reasons why we’re choosing them as our Valentine is their quirky personalities. If you’ve known them for a long while now, you probably already know how crazy (in a good way) these boys can be. Whether on tour, on break or even inside the studio, they never run out of odd, fun and remarkable ideas to entertain their fans and their selves with. Trust us, if you ever need a feel good day just chill back, watch their video diaries and you’ll be a laughing stock before you know it. Nothing beats a fun and entertaining Valentine date with four handsome Australian dudes, aye?

And might we say, they’ve got some pretty hilarious pick-up lines too cue 5SOS’ sense of humour

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Another thing that we love most about 5SOS is their tight BEAR HUGS. They are literally tall people, hence all caps for the hugs. But in all seriousness, these boys never fail to make our day with how they meet and interact with their fans and family. Their close bond with the 5SOSFam and their families is such a heartwarming deed to witness. They care so much for everyone and they’ve proved to be deserving of the same amount of love as well.

Lastly, we love how these boys are individually unique in their own ways. They always remind us that we are our own self and we shouldn’t be a photocopy of someone else. They’ve shown how self-love and confidence are important to accepting that we are all beautiful inside and out. That you should let no one tell you otherwise and do what makes you happy.

All these reasons and other more factors – that includes their handsome features of course – are what makes 5 Seconds of Summer our Valentines this year.

Written by CelebMix