CelebMixs Christmas Film Advent – Day 16

Day 16 of CelebMixs Christmas film Advent moves away from what may seem like a traditional Christmas film, but for many Christmas isn’t Christmas until they have watched Die Hard.

Now I know for most, a grubby Bruce Willis crawling through air vents doesn’t scream Christmas.

But in so many ways it does.

The film sees off duty cop John McClane heading home for Christmas when he just so happens to stumble upon a terrorist organisation taking over a building, during its office Christmas party.

See, very festive.

I argue any film set around Christmas is a festive film, It’s only Christmas for a little while in Bridget Jones Diary, and The Holiday doesn’t have all the obvious bells and whistles of a Christmas film for most of it, but many still consider them Christmas favourites.

It also has a festive message, like all good Christmas films. It’s all about good triumphing bad, with John McClane tiresomely fighting against the group of terrorists to save those inside and stop the bad guys plot of terror. There are themes of peace, and it expresses an importance on family, and even has time for a little romance.

There’s Christmas songs, decorations and a extra special little Christmas message.CelebMixs Christmas film Advent Day 16 3

Check out the trailer for Die Hard below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TQ-pOvI6Xo&w=640&h=360]

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Written by CelebMix