CelebMix’s Christmas Film Advent: Day 3

Directed by Tim Burton and starring the well renowned actor, Mr Johnny Depp, Edward Scissorhands is a heart-warming story of a scientifically constructed man with a freakish appearance and scissors for hands.

When a scientist builds Edward (Depp), he dies before he is able to finish him off, leaving the gentle and loving Edward with a scarred face and two massive sets of blades for hands. Abandoned in a castle, Edward soon meets a suburban sales woman, Peg (played by Diane Wiest), who takes him into her home where he then falls in love with her teenage daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder). However due to his body modifications, this leaves Edward as an outcast in the suburgatory life. Edward Scissorhands is definitely a film that tugs on the heart strings.

So here are the reasons why this is the perfect Christmas film:

  1. Firstly, this year is the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s masterpiece, so why wouldn’t you give it a watch?! The film was released and became a blockbuster on December 14th of 1990. Since then it has won several awards such as; a BAFTA for Best Production Design, Academy of Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror Films for Best Fantasy Film and a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.


  1. Johnny Depp is the leading actor! Not only is Mr Depp absolutely beautiful, but he is a tremendous actor. If you have seen Pirates of The Caribbean, you will be aware of Depp’s witty and drunken character, whereas there is a massive contrast in comparison to his character of Edward Scissor hands, who is a shy, timid and loving man. This just proves how skilful Johnny Depp is and proves he could play any type of character!


  1. Depp and Winona were real life lovers during this time. Of course this is a love story, as Edward falls in love with Winona Ryder’s character, which was perfect as during the making of Edward Scissorhands, they were dating in real life – engaged to be precise! So when you are watching the film, the love is real.


  1. Something for everyone. Tim Burton is most known for his gothic fantasy films, however Edward Scissorhands harbours genres for everyone to enjoy; comedy, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. Therefore you are bound to enjoy this film if you are a fan of any.


  1. Snow! Any good Christmas film will have thick blankets of snow throughout some scene. Although this film does it differently and Edward makes it snow using his skills with the scissors.


  1. A happy ending. Like most films, there is disruption in the middle of the story and obviously there is going to be one for Edward. This film has the happiest and most heart-warming resolution which is certain to bring a tear to the eye.



Written by CelebMix