Celebrity Big Brother UK vs USA: What’s happened so far!?

Celebrity Big Brother, the show that has kept journalists scribbling, ladies gossiping and exorbitant profits pouring into the hands of bald men for many years, is back. Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed some of the most jaw-dropping, bonkers behaviour ever to grace television. 2 days ago Celebrity Big Brother launched its 16th series and this time its war! Last Thursday, the house opened its doors to let in 14 new “celebrities”.

After Tila’s controversial removal from the most infamous house in Britain, tensions reached boiling point as a plethora of arguments and rows took place recently. Despite the show having the lowest viewing figures yet, the show is certainly shaping up to be another brilliant series. The addition of Janice Dickinson and Bobby Davro have certainly made a massive impact. Janice, who seems to be the house diva, has made the other housemates (especially Gail) run around for her which caused a bit of shock for the others.

On Day 5, Farrah and Austin and James clashed over a massive argument. Austin, James and Farrah argued over the fact that Austin, who is a gay married man, was sharing a bed with James and she seemed to be attacking James’ sexuality. Farrah stated: “Slip ‘n’ slide with that sexuality….that’s you…it’s going to be a slip and slide and you’ll just be in it. You have no boundaries.” Austin later slated Farrah due to her being fake: “Stay in here, stay in here with your fake ass, your fake t**s and in front of everybody let’s be happy with what god gave us. The f***ing doctor gave you half of that to you Farrah…That’s f***ing stupid.” Bobby, who tried to diffuse the situation, failed as they pair continued rowing. Eventually they managed to sort it out. However, there was yet another row.

Janice rowed with Austin. Janice stated that Austin shouldn’t make Gail clear up the mess in the bathroom. That was a bit hypocritical seeing as Janice made Gail unpack SEVEN suitcases! Austin snapped back and the pair argued resulting in Janice SPITTING at Austin! As a result, Janice received a final and formal warning from Big Brother- Ouch!

The series is getting more heated by the day and since Day 1 there have been arguments. Last night saw a liveroyal guest enter the house to help out with the shopping task with the 1st live eviction being moved till Friday. If you haven’t already watched the series yet and you are wondering who exactly are these housemates you can check the housemates out on the Big Brother website. As ever Big Brother resumes daily on Channel 5 and the show has signed a contract meaning it will stay on our screens till 2018. We can’t wait for what else these housemates have to offer!

Written by CelebMix