Opinion: Emma Watson paying on a date is “ridiculous”

A woman paying!? What?

The recent furore that Emma Watson has caused by offering to pay for her date’s meal is – as far as I’m concerned – RIDICULOUS!

So F’ing what!? I have to say props to her for this. Let’s ask ourselves a very simple, If very LOADED question…

At some point does a woman EVENTUALLY have to ‘pay’ for going on a date with a man? Me? I say the answer is YES. Indeed she does. Be it putting out, making tedious and often exasperated excuses for not wanting to ‘consummate’ the date or asserting her ideals by pitching for a second (or third date) before any action or just simply rebutting the males attentions. It all boils down to this; at no point and in no situation is there ever such a thing as ‘a free lunch’.

I commend Emma for (I Imagine) politely and respectfully offering to pay for her evenings entertainment. Why shouldn’t she feel free to do so? She is a young, very attractive and very solvent woman, living in a supposedly free era of equal game.

For her date to become in her words ‘techy’!? Well, more fool him. If you question yourself that much as man I doubt you could handle nor or worthy of that much of a woman. And I mean this in simple terms – “You are punching above your weight brother!” This class A doll has got you wrapped up and passed on as ‘re-gifted’. As well you should be. In short, grow some balls boy, and let your woman show you the joys of knowing and the blessing of dating a strong, modern gal!!!!!!

Boys take note! If a super hot Hollywood bombshell agrees to go on a date with you… ACCEPT, be gracious, be a gentleman, and more so – be a true man and embrace her offer to pay. You bagged a winner! You bagged a true modern woman and you bagged a lady that’s more than fit to be the mother of your children and a stellar woman that maybe … Even YOU could take a few tips from. The girl’s got class and she’s bringing her ‘A’ game. Stop, listen, acknowledge, take heed and and pat her on the back.

Enjoy your date and in the words of Beyoncé – If you like it…put a ring on it.

Big up Ms Watson.

Written by CelebMix