Charlie Puth Unveils Fiery New Single ‘I Warned Myself’

Charlie Puth has unleashed his latest single titled “I Warned Myself” alongside an intense and highly combustible music video on YouTube.

“I warned Myself” is definitely an elevated version of classic Puth’s style which is absolutely thriving and we are buzzzzing!!!

As seen, in the music video, with his latest buzz cut and the signature scarred eyebrow, “I Warned Myself.” is about love and loss, secrets and lies that eventually results into a breakup.

“I warned myself that I shouldn’t play with fire,” he sings. “But I can tell that I’ll do it one more time / Don’t trust in myself, no good for my health / You messed with my heart, now you’re the reason why.”

The song has been described as the first of three songs from the “new era,” in 2019 where Charlie has teamed up with Benny Blanco.

Despite its hyper-slick packaging, “I Warned Myself” is classic Puth in every regard, whether “should’ve known better” lyrics, or a touch of swooping acapella backing vocals. Even while choking himself in the music video at 1:35 mark, Puth sounds sensational as always!

Image: Charlie Puth2019

In the visual, directed by Brendan Vaughan, Charlie Puth serves up plenty of sombre glances as he sings about an intoxicating relationship; “You mess with my heart/ Now you’re the reason why/ I Warned myself that I shouldn’t play with fire/ I can tell that I’ll do it one more time”. “I Warned Myself” is about a vicious cycle of going back to someone continuously, knowing deep down that they aren’t any good for you.

Charlie took to social media to announce his latest release.

He did a YouTube live video and later posted on his Twitter and Instagram accounts to make the official announcement for the release of his latest track “I Warned Myself”.

He also shared that he is “putting out three songs instead of one” on his twitter account and “I Warned Myself” is the first in the set. He shared the song’s artwork in his announcement which is a black-and-white close-up shot of his face. The “Voicenotes” singer then promoted a countdown and shared some behind-the-scenes footage with producer Benny Blanco on his Instagram story series.

“I Warned Myself” is Puth’s first solo track since dropping Voicenotes last year, He has most recently collaborated with 5 Seconds of Summer aka 5SOS on the remix version of the track “Easier” where he even co-wrote a couple of lyrics. He also co-wrote Katy Perry’s latest release “Small Talk.” The music video has already garnered over 2 million likes in less than 12 hours of release which is remarkable.

We can’t wait to see what’s next lined up in the series that’s going to be served to us by Puth. Until then, keep streaming “I Warned Myself” and let us know your thoughts by tweeting us at @celebmix!

Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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