Charlie Puth: A Year in Review

2017 turned out to be one of the biggest years for the music industry with some of the major works being released in last twelve months. Be it BTS, The Vamps or Julia Michaels, a lot of artists had a productive and a really successful year.

One of the artists who had an amazing 2017 was Charlie Puth. In this piece, CelebMix takes a look at some of the major activities carried out by the singer:

Release of “Attention”

Puth first garnered attention when he released “See You Again” which went on to become a record-breaking single, crossing over a billion views on YouTube. But he did not seem to stop at just one song. Puth wanted to be more than “lucky” and he succeeded in retaining his charm. With singles like “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and “One Call Away”, fans and critics began looking forward to his work and they weren’t disappointed.

2017 kicked off with the release of another chart-topping song by Puth. On 21st April, the singer released the single “Attention”. He later went on to reveal a steamy music video for the song. The track soared across charts worldwide, became singers’ favorite pick for their covers, and sold over 200,000 copies which resulted in it being certified silver.


On the Cover of Hero Mag

While Puth released two singles, 2017 turned out to be a period of interphase for Puth’s fans but it does not mean that fans did not get a chance to see him. For its October edition, Hero Magazine chose Charlie Puth to become the face of its cover. Making a perfect use of the opportunity, the singer showed his different sides in the photo shoot and also, went on to talk about music and his new album.

Release of “How Long”

When fans were still jamming to “Attention”, Puth dropped another bomb. On October 5, the singer released his second single “How Long” from his upcoming album “Voicenotes”. The song showcased Puth’s vocal prowess and gave fans a glimpse into a more mature sound and production, that can be expected from singer’s future works.

The success of his new single became evident from the fact that within two months of its release, the music video got over 190 Million views on YouTube alone. Along with the release of the single, Puth also revealed the release date for his album. The artist’s sophomore album will be out on 19th January and is available for pre-order.

“Drop the Mic” with Backstreet Boys

Charlie Puth became the center of attention (yet again) after he participated in “Drop the Mic” battle with Backstreet Boys. Being a fan of the iconic band, it was interesting to watch Puth bringing down his idols in the light-hearted verbal feud, organized by TBS.

1 against 5, Puth gave his best but was overpowered by the members. Interestingly, he went on to win the battle, thanks to the judge who saw the unfair situation Puth was in. It was an amusing battle that brought over 6.5 Million viewers within a span of just one month.

When Charlie Puth became Charlie Puss and ARMY’s favorite

Puth’s single “We Don’t Talk Anymore” was released in the year 2016 but its popularity soared drastically in the year 2017 when Jungkook from BTS covered it. Being a fan of the singer, Jungkook released the mini cover of Puth’s single and later went on to collaborate with Jimin for the complete cover.

Puth did not take much time to show his admiration for Jungkook’s voice and tweeted his response to the cover on Twitter. But he misspelled Jungkook’s name as Jungcook.

In his interview on Billboard, when Jungkook was asked about the cover, he too mispronounced Puth’s name as Charlie Puss. Human error on both the instances, the mistakes gave ARMY a chance to create funny memes around the blunders both artists made. But at the same time, ARMY showed its admiration for Puth’s single and his instant response to the group.

All in all, 2017 has been a good year for Charlie Puth in terms of music. What has been your highlight of the year? Share it via tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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