Charmed by Rucker Offering Fashion Styling with an Edge

Charmed By Rucker is the product of years of experience in the fashion and styling business. Founded by Stephanie Rucker, a well-known fashion stylist with a long-standing record of satisfied clients in the fashion industry. Stephanie’s love and passion for fashion have existed for years, and she started her career working for friends and family by styling them for events and photoshoots.

With her experience in the fashion industry and a degree in Communications and Media Arts, Public Communication, and Interpersonal Communications, floating her own fashion styling company seemed like a logical move back in 2017. She launched Charmed By Rucker with an already robust resume and has brought on all her knowledge of building relationships and creative directing. Stephanie Rucker has had many of her clients returning to do business with her, and this can only be attributed to the strong relationship she builds with her clients through excellent and personalized service.

Four years after launching Charmed By Rucker, it has been a jolly good ride for Stephanie, and her hobby has become a full-fledged business. From styling her family members and friends, Stephanie has now become one of the top styling and image consultants in the country.

When asked why she chose this path, Stephanie talks about her love for helping people gain confidence. “I believe in unlocking people’s potentials with confidence. By helping my clients feel more confident in their looks, they believe in themselves more and will be more inclined to go after the things they strongly desire. Fashion styling is beyond just the clothes and accessories; it’s about the mindset and Charmed By Rucker conditions that mindset to go do great things for our clients.”

Stephanie’s goal for Charmed By Rucker is to become a household name in the fashion and style industry. She has put together a team that is well-grounded in personal and tailor-fit styling services that bring out the best in every client. Charmed By Rucker has played a pivotal role in connecting clients to major brands and has helped them gain brand ambassador opportunities. Many clients who have worked with Charmed By Rucker have also been invited to various fashion week events worldwide, all thanks to Stephanie’s relationship-building skills.

Building Charmed By Rucker for Stephanie Rucker wasn’t exactly planned. Her love for fashion and styling made her start working with her friends and family, and when she saw how much she enjoyed it and the potential to build something iconic, she went for the kill by going mainstream. “I have never lost interest in fashion even for a minute, and it’s why I’ll always be grateful I got into this when I did,” she says. 

Stephanie’s goal for the next five years is to represent more celebrity clients and get her styles to the most iconic and talked-about events in the world. She has no plans to rest on her oars but rather continue to build and grow while helping young fashion stylists get on the come-up and build their brands too. Charmed By Rucker is an outstanding fashion styling brand pushing boundaries for fashionable people.

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Written by CelebMix