Promotional photo for the Initial Talk remix of "Long Way" which sees Chayla Hope sitting crossed-legged in a forest with her hands together in a prayer. The forest is filtered to a neon purple, while Chayla is sitting with her white and red dress and black gloves, praying.
Photo Credit: Lindsey Poyar

Chayla Hope teams up with Initial Talk for a ’90s house vibe remix for her track “Long Way”

Giving a ’90s house dance vibe to an already retro groovy track, Initial Talk has really done a number on “Long Way” by Chayla Hope. This follows up Chayla Hope’s recently released album, titled “Damn, Feelings” and Initial Talk’s collaboration with Sam Sparro on the song “High Time”.

Chayla Hope is a singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, who has fronted rock bands for the past couple of years but she decided to go solo in 2022. In doing so, it has allowed her to open up and it led the way to her creating her debut studio album, “Damn, Feelings”, with 12-time GRAMMY award winner Josh Gudwin. Alongside being a former frontwoman, she also is a former Drag Queen, and her time dressed up in Drag allowed her to find out who she is as a person and to build a community around her – her chosen family is everything to her, the community really is a bright world, where everyone is welcome. With the release of the album, Chayla Hope went back to her former employer – Gotta Groove Records – where she hand-pressed a limited amount of vinyl copies of the album in two different versions, a pink swirl version and a wax mage custom, the latter of which sold out almost immediately. You can get the pink swirl version on her official store. She’s been gaining traction since the release of the album, going on to gain hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, with “Love in Lo-Fi” being her most-streamed track on the streaming platform. She’s certainly a rising star and one to watch in the coming years.

Written by Chayla Hope and Michael Seifert, the Initial Talk remix of “Long Way” is a total throwback production track that keeps the retro vibes while dominating anticipation dance beats flow in. Chayla Hope impresses with her vocals adding flirtation and passion with a strong fierce conviction running through. Dance breaks flesh the track out, giving it a total dancefloor energy, easily making ’90s dance modern again – this track is totally missing from your party playlists.

Talking about the release of this track, Chayla Hope said: “’Long Way’ is a total nod to Janet Jackson and Quincy Jones, and I knew eventually I’d want to remix the song. Initial Talk is my favorite remixer, and it’s been a dream come true to work with someone who I can check off my bucket list.”

Stream the Initial Talk remix of “Long Way” by Chayla Hope on Spotify here:

The Initial Talk remix of “Long Way” by Chayla Hope is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms. It has been released independently alongside Jesterentertainment Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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