Check out the Incredible Season 8 Trailer for The Walking Dead from SDCC

Courtesy AMC

As massive fans of The Walking Dead, we’ve been counting down the days until the release of the season 8 trailer. SDCC brings the new season trailer for The Walking Dead every year so as the days drew closer to the event, fans were speculating what would be shown – especially after the incredible season 7 finale.

The all-out war is happening and sides are being chosen and more lives will be lost, but the strength and the power of the hearts of the characters that we love will prevail. At the end of season 7, ironically enough after they were turned on and attacked, the group that we love stood taller than they had all season.

King Ezekiel finally realized that the time to fight was now, Carol and Morgan came back with a fire and Jesus and Maggie and the Hilltop did too. So when the extended Comic-Con trailer from SDCC was shown this weekend we saw their continued rise, you can check it out in the trailer here.

Season 8 will debut on October 22nd, so you’ve got enough time to catch up on previous seasons before the battle continues, and when good vs evil, we’re putting our money on good winning. We’re betting safely that the good guys stay victorious, they survive.

Written by Ashley

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