Cher Lloyd to Release New Music Next Friday!

Cher Lloyd is ready to make her comeback into the music world! She announced via a cryptic video on Twitter that she will be releasing new music on Friday, July 22nd, just under a week before her birthday.

The short video was very vague, but most fans think that “Activated”  could be the name of the lead single from Cher’s upcoming third album, or the name of the album itself.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating new music from Cher, since her last album, Sorry I’m Late, was released over two years ago. In March, she posted this teaser video for her third album, which fans are referring to as “CL3”.

She also provided us with a sneak peek of the lyrics from a song off of CL3. We can’t wait to hear what song these lyrics will appear in!

Cher Lloyd to Release New Music Next Friday! 2

Fans are overwhelmed with excitement for this sudden announcement, and are so happy that Cher is releasing new music after a long wait. They have been tweeting under the hashtags #CL3 and #Activated since the video was posted.

We’re equally as excited for this new era of Cher Lloyd music, and can’t wait to hear the new sound she’s been working hard on. Be sure to check out her website,, which was recently redesigned to a sleek, modern black and white aesthetic.

Cher will also be performing at the Grove in LA on July 27th, which is open for free to the public. We will be attending as well, so look out for an article about our experience soon!

Looking for something to do until Cher’s new music drops on Friday? Take our Guess the Song: Cher Lloyd Edition Quiz!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.