Cher Lloyd Reveals ‘Activated’ Single Cover

2014 was the last time we was lucky enough to get a new Cher Lloyd album, ‘Sorry I’m Late’ (if you want to be exact, it’s been 782 days) and that album took two years after ‘Sticks and Stones’ to be released. It was an extremely long wait for all the Brats out there!

Fortunately, for all the fellow Brats out there who have been so incredibly patient as Cher moved labels, having to scrap all music with her previous label ‘Epic Records’ and make new material with her new label ‘Universal Music’, almost another two years later, she has out of the blue, announced that she will be releasing her brand new single ‘Activated’ July 22nd!

Today, Cher tweeted out the single cover for ‘Activated’ which will be her lead single for the 3rd album, making everybody even more hyped up for this new era! The cover artwork is absolutely stunning and shows Cher looking stronger than ever! You can already tell this song is about to slay HARD just by the cover!

Cher also teased the music video for ‘Activated’ on her Snapchat a couple of days ago and by the looks of it, the theme could be revolved around boxing/fighting as she is sporting gym gear in her artwork and the music video is based in a grungy room, the only thing really standing out right now are the bricked walls filled with graffiti.

Cher Lloyd Reveals 'Activated' Single Cover 1 Cher Lloyd Reveals 'Activated' Single Cover 2

By the looks of it, Cher is extremely excited for this new era as she has promoted like never before! With ‘Sorry I’m Late’ getting such little promo, it’s about time that she gets the recognition she has always deserved! Of course, as soon as the single and music video are out, it’s all down to the fans on how successful ‘Activated’ does and as all Brats already know, the fandom always comes together to help Cher with her success and promote the heck out of her no matter what time zone they’re in.

Activated, 22nd July, DO NOT MISS IT!

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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