How To Choose Your One Direction Fave

It’s no secret that every One Direction fan has one boy that will always have a special place in their heart. Introduce yourself to a group of Directioners and it’s guaranteed that the first question you’re asked will be “so, who’s your favorite?” And people usually have a pretty quick response. People are so undeniably loyal to their fave. Rarely does someone’s favorite member change, and fans are always there to stand up for their favorite when someone does them wrong. I mean, of course, we love ALL the boys unexplainably,  but it’s no doubt that there’s one we love just a little more.


How To Choose Your One Direction Fave 1

But let’s be honest, do you ever doubt yourself from time to time. Do you ever say to yourself “I mean, I love Louis so much… but Liam has been looking really good lately…” or “Niall’s always been my fave, but Harry’s voice in Hey Angel does things to me.”

Because this definitely happens to us.

Or maybe you’re one of the few who really truly cannot choose a favorite. Or maybe you have two favorites, and even to this day, you can’t pick one to place above the other. Or maybe your favorite changes depending on the week. One week, it’s Harry. The next week, it’s Louis. And for some reason, you can’t commit to just one.

Well, lucky for you, we’re here to help.

When it comes to picking a favorite, there are quite a few factors you need to consider.

Of course, their appearances. What did you think the first time you saw each boy? Which one are you most attracted to? Which one is your type?

And considering One Direction is a band, their voices are of the utmost importance. Who’s voice do you think is the strongest? Which of their voices makes you feel the most? Which one makes you the most emotional?

And then we definitely need to think about their personality, because that’s what’s really important in a person. Which of them are you most like? Which person do you connect with the most? Which of the boys would you best get along with?

Their lifestyle is pretty vital, as well. Who could you see yourself hanging out with? Who has hobbies similar to yours?

And finally, you need to consider their character. How do they treat others? How do they present themselves? Are they someone you’re proud of? Do you see yourself looking up to them as a person?

So for your convenience, we’ve broken down all these factors for you in terms of each boy. Now, make sure to read this with an open mind. View each boy as a new person in your life, someone you’ve never met, never seen, never spoken to. Pretend you’re starting a new job, and someone is explaining the four boys you’re going to be working alongside. And from that, see if you might have been wrong about your favorite all along.

1. Appearance.

  • Harry Styles: He’s tall, for sure, with a long, lean, lanky body. His legs are insane and the tight jeans he wears hugs them perfectly. He’s not super buff, but his arms appear to be pretty strong, nonetheless. He’s got an intense jawline and pretty pink lips with the greenest eyes imaginable. His smile is killer, and while his hair style has recently changed drastically, he rocks the short do just as well as he rocked those shoulder length curls. And his tattoos, of course, are one of the most obvious things about him. They’re a bit random, scattered across his arms, stomach, legs, and even feet. But no matter what people say about them, it’s evident that they mean a lot to him, so we definitely respect him for that.
  • Niall Horan: He’s a simple, normal looking lad, with pale Irish skin and bleach blond hair that brings out his pretty blue eyes. His teeth are white, straight, and perfect, making his smile even more killer than it already is. Get him laughing, and his eyes and grin will light up the entire room. He’s a little short, but he wears this height well, with a skinny little body that is undeniably adorable. His butt chin is the real winner though, and it’s one of his best selling points. He doesn’t need glasses, but he wears them for fashion quite often, and it gives him that perfect combination of hot and studious that we can’t help but swoon over. He’s the definition of cute.
  • Liam Payne: Strong, buff, and protective. Three words that come to mind when you lay eyes on Liam. He’s got big arms, insane abs, and strong shoulders. But his face tells another story. He’s got the cutest, most inviting smile, with squinty, dark brown eyes to match. He’s got golden tan skin, with an adorable birthmark on his neck. He’s got a killer beard and mustache combo going that counteracts that adorable smile and those sweet brown eyes, but overall, the look works for him. His hair style changes regularly, but whether it’s buzzed off or styled to perfection, he looks pretty darn perfect either way.
  • Louis Tomlinson: Clearly the tiniest member, his short stance and little body are what makes him unique. He’s got the softest features, with a cute, little nose and permeant bags under his eyes that make him look inviting and comforting. He’s got thin little lips and a crooked tooth that makes him all the more adorable, and his squinty blue eyes will definitely captivate you. His light sandy brown hair always falls just the way it should, whether it’s pushed back into a quiff or left to dry naturally. And we can’t forget that killer Tommo butt, because it’ll be the last thing left on your mind when he says his goodbyes and strolls away from you.

2. Voice.

  • Harry Styles: He’s considered the lead singer, for the most part, with Liam not far behind. Harry’s voice is deep, raspy, and makes you feel so at home and warm. He can hit high notes, but low notes are his specialty, with gentle, subtle little cracks making their way into songs. When he sings a solo, you find yourself focusing on it so intensely, because you don’t want to miss a single part of it. He’s quite captivating.
  • Niall Horan: His more upbeat, poppy voice is adorable, fun, and impressive. He might not have the vocal range, but his simple, soft melodies are comforting and relaxing. He’s got a bit of the sexy raspiness Harry has, as well, but he manages to make it come across as cute more than anything. It’s the sort of voice you want to hear coming from the shower in the morning or in the kitchen just before dinner time.
  • Liam Payne: Like Harry, Liam can also be considered one of the lead singers, and it’s not surprising when you hear his strong, loud, intense voice. He kills the high notes like it’s nobodies business, and his solos are very impressive and leave quite an impression on you. His voice has a welcoming and comforting quality to it, as well, and it’s the voice you dream of hearing sing you to sleep at night.
  • Louis Tomlinson: While he might not be the strongest vocally, take his voice out of a song, and you will definitely notice the difference. He kills it with the soft harmonizing he often adds, and his high-pitched voice adds something that none of the other boys could ever manage. His voice brings about emotion in you, which is why he’s often the one singing during the more intense and deep parts of songs. Trust us, without Louis’ voice, this band would not exist.

3. Personality.

  • Harry Styles: He’s a bit of a mystery to most. Onstage he’s loud, outgoing, funny, and engaging. But off stage, he comes off as a bit quieter and more reserved. He keeps to himself for the most part when he isn’t working and when he is spotted out and about, he’s very low-key about it. He’s also so comfortable with himself, from his painted nails to his floral suits, that you’re overcome with respect for the boy who showcases confidence that most only dream of.
  • Niall Horan: Of all the boys, he is arguably the most outgoing. With his loud laugh and boisterous voice, he’s hard to miss. He’s fun, exciting, and friendly. He has a large group of close friends, so it’s clear that he’s likable, as well. Niall’s always happy, which is evident from his bright smile that very rarely leaves his face, and he definitely loves to have a good time.
  • Liam Payne: Of all the boys, Liam is probably the quietest. He’s rarely spotted out and about and seems to be more of a homebody. He’s definitely engaging, though, which we know from the countless fan experiences we’ve heard about and seen. He cares deeply about his loved ones, his friends, and his supporters.
  • Louis Tomlinson: He’s 100% the loudest and most enthusiastic of the boys. He always has something to say and he needs to get the last word in every time. He’s sarcastic, funny, and his personality is pretty intense, but he makes everyone feel welcome with his outgoing personality and ability to make people feel comfortable around him.

4. Lifestyle:

  • Harry Styles: As said before, he’s reserved. He keeps a very small, close group of friends that he spends a lot of time with, but the things they do are low-key. From quiet lunches and dinners out in LA and London and small get togethers that we only know about from Instagram and Snapchat, he doesn’t make his life very public. You rarely see Harry at extravagant parties or huge red carpet events, because he likes to keep his life a little more private than that.
  • Niall Horan: Niall loves a good party. He’s Irish, so he loves pubs and he loves to drink. He’s often seen with big groups of people and it seems as though he is the life of most parties. Unlike Harry, Niall pops up at pretty big events from time to time, from fashion shows to sports games. He doesn’t let his fame stop him from stepping out and having a good time. But at the same time, he’s a homebody, which is evident from Instagram and Snapchat. While some weeks, he’ll go out every night, there’s also weeks where he spends his time inside, watching sports and cooking on his grill.
  • Liam Payne: Like Harry, Liam’s reserved, but even more so. Fans can go weeks without seeing Liam, but no one really worries because this is exactly who he is. He’s romantic, as well, so we can only assume that he’s often with his girlfriend. When he finally does step out, his girl is usually right by his side, whether it’s a night out for dinner and drinks or a quick stop at a red carpet event.
  • Louis Tomlinson: Louis brings fans the best of both worlds. He’s a mature, respectful family man who will post endless photos of him spending time with his brother and sisters, but can simultaneously go out to the club with the lads and get proper smashed. He loves footie, which is clear from his professional involvement with the sport, but at the same time, he doens’t take it too seriously. Sometimes Louis will be MIA for days, held up in his flat playing FIFA, but a day later he’s taking a trip to Vegas with his best friends. The man can do it all.

5. Character.

  • Harry Styles: Harry is kind in every sense of the word. You will never hear him say a bad thing about someone else, or even give another person a bad look. He’s sweet, nice, respectful, and gentle with all those that he meets, and he welcomes everyone with open arms. Harry’s accepting, open-minded, and caring, and he’s got the most positive outlook on life. He loves his family and friends dearly and puts others before himself constantly. He’s the epitome of a good person.
  • Niall Horan: Niall seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulders, as well. His regular involvement with the charity Irish Autism Action has us all “aww-ing”, and his fan interactions show just how caring he is. Niall is naturally kind, funny, and loving. He’s loyal, which you can clearly see from his undying devotion to his band and bandmates. And most of all, he’s appreciative with every word he says.
  • Liam Payne: Liam is humble, sweet, and kind. He knows where he came from and he knows what being in a band has done for him, and he makes sure everyone knows how thankful he is. He’s always so generous to fans he meets, even if he’s rushed or a little overwhelmed. At times, he gets a little upset and lashes out, but he’s quick to make his wrongs right and always has a sincere apology for his actions.
  • Louis Tomlinson: Louis is charitable in every sense of the word. Of all the boys, he’s the one who uses his fame most compassionately. Whether it’s to help one person or hundreds of people, he always goes out of his way to change lives the best that he can. He shows his compassion for others not only through his charity work but in the way he interacts with fans, as well. He’s always sure to make fans feel appreciated and important and doesn’t let anyone feel left out. He constantly demonstrates love, kindness, and generosity.

So, any changes for anyone? Any life-altering realizations? Or did you maybe finally obtain enough information to confidently choose a favorite? Or maybe this only solidified the fact that you had chosen the right favorite all along?

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