Chow Mane

Chow Mane Releases Dope “Late Nites” feat. Kitt Mae

Bay Area rapper and producer Chow Mane teams up with Kitt Mae on his latest single, “Late Nites,” the first single off his forthcoming project South Bay Summer.

“Late Nites” is about an after-hours drunk text exchange culminating in ambivalence: on the one hand, it’s wonderful to hook up with someone, while on the other hand, the morning after brings regret. Both are captivated by the other person and, like an addiction to sugar, it’s sweet and hits the spot, but too much is unhealthy. After a few shots of Hennessy…or jungle juice, they can’t resist.

An 88’ rising competition finalist, Chow Mane’s music teeters on the edge between West Coast hip-hop and experimental pop, a sound referred to as “far east trap.” Prior to his South Bay Summer project, Chow Mane released Simmering, a potent 11-track album exploring and celebrating his heritage, and underscoring his parents’ difficulties as immigrants entering America and living in San Jose, CA.

Whereas Simmering was darker, more complex and palpable, shifting from Mandarin-Chinese to English, South Bay Summer does a 180, assuming a more relaxed, happy-go-lucky attitude mirroring buoyant warm vibes everyone is looking for after being locked down during the pandemic.

“Late Nites” opens on swirling, emerging synths transitioning into a tight and right trap rhythm permeated by crisp percussion and a thumping kick drum. Chow Mane’s smooth, slightly grainy flow infuses the lyrics with tantalizing timbres, both intimate and expressive.

When Kitt Mae’s velvety alluring voice enters, the song takes on persuasive sensuality riding on magnetic textures. The interplay between the two voices conveys perceptible chemistry, evoking a voluptuous organic attraction sizzling with suggestive heat. Shimmering, percolating synth coloration adds to the somewhat reckless, impulsive nature of their relationship.

Chow Mane and Kitt Mae have it going on! “Late Nites” teems with cool trap flavors melded with hints of delicious bubbling pop.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.