Chris Brown, Usher, and Zayn Just Dropped A Hot New Track

If you’re on social media right now your Twitter feed likely just blew up once news hit that Zayn was featured on a new song.  The track is called Fuck You Back To Sleep and it features Usher and Zayn along with Chris Brown who hit high notes with falsettos and runs through the entire song.

The lyrics are sensual and definitely aimed at a mature audience; it encompasses what fans expected from Zayn since he decided to go solo.  We know we aren’t alone when we say his voice is sort of perfect for songs aimed at sex and romance.

Usher opens the track, followed by Chris Brown before Zayn sings his verse (flawlessly if we might add) and they all join in for one more chorus at the end.  The different sound in each of their voices blend perfectly together through the entire song, the mature sound fits the mold for what you’d expect from Chris and Usher, who have both put out sexy R&B tracks before.  We have to admit though, Zayn stole the show as he was featured on his first track of this kind and we hope there are plenty more to come where this came from.

“baby just stay comfortable, I want you as you are” 

If you haven’t heard the track yet, you can find it here on Chris Brown’s SoundCloud!  It’s definitely going to be one of the most talked about tracks of 2016 so we recommend listening, and soon.  Plus, does anyone need an excuse to listen to Zayn’s voice alongside two of R&B’s hottest with lyrics like these? We think not!

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.