Far Away Objects

Chris Sunfield Releases Brilliant New EP ‘Far Away Objects’

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Chris Sunfield just released his new EP, Far Away Objects, a collection of songs inviting listeners to become self-actualizing.

Chris explains, “Lyrically, the new release is a clarion call to live authentically and realize one’s full potential before it’s too late — all while accepting that life’s achievements are sometimes gained at the expense of intimacy.”

A psychologist, Chris began writing songs in high school. Later, converging events in his life brought him to a place where music became his emotional life buoy. Chris told Canadian Beats’ Jenna Melanson, “As a way of coping, I dug out all of my gear and recorded my first song from start to finish in many years. It reawakened me and led to my unexpected reinvention as a recording artist.”

He sold his house, moved back to the city, and began working with producers, followed by releasing his first single, “Predator,” which collected 35,000 streams on Spotify.

Far Away Objects encompasses four tracks, starting off with “Begin,” opening on gleaming guitars flowing into a delicious indie-pop tune riding an alluring rhythm topped by sparkling accents and creamy vocals. Brimming with retro flavors, the song floats on glossy textures radiating a marvelous appeal.

Highlights on the EP include “Anton,” vaguely reminiscent of Elton John because of Chris’ charismatic voice atop a graceful piano and sweeping strings. Layers of velvety instruments blend into enticing, almost fairytale-like music.

The final track, “Eclipse,” features emerging tones with futuristic elements, and then shifts to a measured acoustic guitar backed by murmuring tones. As the rhythm enters, the song takes on gliding sensations, rife with shimmering colors. Evocative and cashmere, Chris’ vocals imbue the lyrics with magical timbres, at once soft and alluring.

Gorgeously wrought, Far Away Objects offers smooth indie-pop music flavored with buoyant tiers of harmonics and optimistic vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.