Christmas Is Around The Corner With Sarah Reeves’ ‘More The Merrier’

Even though there is no sign of snow just yet, many argue it is never too early to start listening to Christmas music. The Alabama-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sarah Reeves awaits the release of her second Christmas album, ‘ More The Merrier,’ via Curb/World Entertainment. 

In 2013, Sarah Reeves’ has put out an independently-made extended play ‘Christmas’ when she makes it official – she is destined to sing Christmas carols. It may sound like an easy task, but it is a gift to be able to cover classics like ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ or ‘Winder Wonderland.’ As well as a great responsibility, as your voice is what families will be singing along to in an intimate private setting. And Sarah Reeves delivers. 

The American musician is not playing around with more than a decade in the industry. Getting signed at such a young age as 18, Sarah Reeves has an intention to make moves since the beginning. Her breakthrough release ‘Sweet Sweet Sound’ made it upon the Billboard Magazine. 

On ‘More The Merrier,’ the songstress aims to illustrate the perfect Christmas backdrop, whatever it may include, ugly Christmas jumpers, cooking for hours, or the opening of presents. The 8-track long project makes for an absolute Christmas miracle, including Clark Beckham on ‘Winder Wonderland’ and an outstanding cover of ‘My Favorite Things.’

Written by Emma

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