Cleveland Based Rapper FTL Jaii Releases Sophisticated Single “Kim K” featuring Ezri

FTL Jaii, the 16-year-old, Cleveland based rising rap enigma releases his powerful, pop culture inspired new single “Kim K.” “Kim K” features fellow Cleveland native Ezri and contrasts FTL Jaii’s potent, punchy flow with Ezri’s melodic, down-to-earth confidence. Produced by Loko La’Flare, the single features smooth, sophisticated piano and brooding metronomes that create texture behind Ezri and FTL Jaii’s magnetic performance.

Directed by Joni Spielberg, the music video for “Kim K” follows Ezri and FTL Jaii through dark and mysterious city landscapes, which is further embedded in the track itself. FTL Jaii opens the single with his polarizing lyric, “Like Ye bro can’t go without his K like Kim.” At the young age of 16, FTL Jaii emerges with pristine flow and witty lyricism. The themes of “Kim K” dwell on dreams of great aspirations and unyielding ambitions as Ezri and FTL Jaii narrate their success stories over the gaze of pop culture icons.

FTL Jaii was recently featured in Talk of the Land and won Rookie of the Year in Hot Music Cleveland last year. The acronym FTL stands for “from the land” in reference to his hometown. Still in high school, FTL Jaii shows confidence, drive, and artistry unheard of at such a young age.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast