Cody Jasper’s “Disco Lemonade” is a Must Hear Party Anthem

Rock n roller Cody Jasper fuses blues rock, funk, soul and pop for a unique and enticing musical experience. His latest unveiling is his dance rock single “Disco Lemonade”.

In “Disco Lemonade”, Cody Jasper brilliantly uses the sweet beverage as a representation of a magical good time that cures any bad mood or vibe. The songwriter confides, “It’s a song I made out of pure fun.. I was done trying to make a “hit”. I wanted to return to what I loved most about records. And that is when a great engineer captures a group of musicians in a room all playing together, in sync with each other just riding a wave of infectious groove. A groovy cocktail full of my favorite things. I call it Disco Lemonade.”

In the music video, Cody can be seen driving in a desert and stumbling upon an empty lemonade stand with a jar of “disco lemonade” ready to be enjoyed. Soon after drinking the beverage he is transported to a roller rink where he performs his signature song with a confidence and swagger that is tangible.

Cody Jasper is a prolific songwriter who has leant his talents as the frontman of Moon Fever. Influenced by both rock and soul icons, the musician crafts an elevated sound full of gritty guitars, driving bass lines and soaring melodies.

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Written by LeahBlack

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